No new thieves in law: Turkish gathering extended Shakro Molodoy’s moratorium  

No new thieves in law: Turkish gathering extended Shakro Molodoy’s moratorium
Shakro Molodoy

A kite from Zakhary Kalashov came to the meeting.

One of the largest gatherings of thieves in law in recent years was held in Turkey. According to Rosbalt, the crime lords gathered at one of the private villas in the suburbs of Istanbul. More than 30 thieves in law attended it, including Ramaz Dzneladze (Ramaz Kutaissky), Koba Akhvlediani (Koba Sukhumsky), Roin Uglava (Matevich), Irakliy Kalichava (Khutu), Georgy Mukbaniani (Gishasho) and many others.

The main subject of discussion was to be the behavior of David Chkhikvishvili (Dato Surgutsky) and Teymuraz Nemsitsveridze (Tsripa), who ‘crowned’ crime boss Akhtam Yakubov (Akhtam Samarkandsky). This was negatively perceived by the rest of the crime lords, who considered their decisions to be unlawful, and Yakubov himself unworthy of being a vor.

Ахтам Самаркандский

Akhtam Samarkandsky

According to many thieves in law, neither the previously ‘uncrowned’ Tsripa's son-in-law, Teymuraz Churadze (Aleko Shoshiya), nor Roman Dzhafarov (Romik Kurd), who is under conflict, nor Roman Khmaladze (Roma Batumsky), who has been deprived of the status three times, had no right to ‘crown’ anyone. As for Dato Surgutsky, Akhtam is not the first among his ‘godchildren’ who never managed to retain his title.

Even representatives of the friendly Sukhumsky clan - Merab Bakhiya (Bkaha-Bakha), Irakly Kalichava (Khutu), Koba Akhvlediani (Koba Sukhumsky) and Akaky Tugushi (Entso Batumsky), who were not aware of that ill-fated ‘coronation,’ expressed their claims to them.

Akhtam Samarkandsky himself was reproached for his unworthy behavior. This was stated by Khuseyn Akhmadov (Khuseyn Slepoy), who recalled that when Akhtam was serving his long term in the UAE prison, he was beaten up by Chechens for trying to impose his own rules there. The same was confirmed by Merab Dzhangveladze (Merab Sukhumsky), who, trying to understand this situation, intentionally communicated with crime boss Kazbek Dukuzov, who was serving term together with Yakubov (now he is internationally wanted on suspicion of the murder of Forbes’editor Paul Khlebnikov). However, these arguments had no effect on Dato and Tsripa, and they tried to evade the claims of the crime bosses in every possible way.

Дато Сургутский

Dato Surgutsky

Kite sent to Turkey by Shakro Molodoy - who is now serving almost 10 years’ term in a Krasnodar region’s colony - made them change their mind. He reminded that according to decision made at the thieves’ summit meeting in Erevan in 2015 when a veto had been put on new ‘crownings’. With that, Dato Surgutsky who was present there agreed with that. So, now, he is offered to deprive Akhtam of his title voluntarily. Otherwise, Dato Surgutsky would suffer the similar fate. Dato and Tsripa sized up the situation and contacted Ramaz Dzneladze (aka Ramaz Kutaissky) and announce they would back out in case no measures are taken against them. As a result, this story was low-profile during the ‘convention’ near Istanbul. Again, all those present agreed with the decision of the summit related to prohibition on new ‘crownings’ and prolonged it till another meeting under the leadership of Shakro Molodoy whose sentence implies he’s going to stay behind bars until 2026.

Nevertheless, after they settled down the issues with Dato and Tsripa, the ‘thieves’ still had questions to a member of the Brotherly circle Gafur Rakhimov (aka Gafur Cherny). Ozodlik (Uzbekistan’s branch of Radio Liberty) had earlier reported that Akhtam Samarkandsky had met Rakhimov’s nephew Ravshan Mukhitdinov (aka Ravshan Zolotoy) and entered the thieves’ circle through him.

Гафур Рахимов

Gafur Rakhimov

After the scandal concerning the ‘crowning’, Gafur stated he had nothing in common with the incident. However, according to reports by some ‘thieves’, he had always wanted a ‘thief in law’ who would be controlled by him to appear in Uzbekistan. He always wanted someone capable of resisting the only criminal ‘general’ in this country - Bakhtier Kudratullaev (aka Bakhti Tashkentsky). Akhtam was chosen for this purpose. Gafur received the warning and was told not to interfere in the family’s matters.



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