‘Night Governor’ recalled Maksimenko, Drymanov and Nikandrov in court

‘Night Governor’ recalled Maksimenko, Drymanov and Nikandrov in court
Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin)

Charged with illegal takeover Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) inquired for a witness whether the arrested generals examined him. However, they can not recall a thing regarding the case of the Tambov criminal network.

The Kuibyshev District Court in Saint Petersburg had another hearing regarding the case of the former ‘night governor’ Vladimir Barsukov and his partner in crime Vyacheslav Drokov. The official prosecution summoned witnesses. Barsukov tried to get them to talk himself, but they stated that they ‘do not remember’ what happened then for it was several years ago.

In particular, a witness Vyacheslav Davydov, who held the position of deputy chair in a bank Viking in 2016, shared the information about an illegal takeover of a hotel Saint Petersburg. Davydov’s evidence of 2006 shows that the hotel’s board of management included various high-ranking people. For instance, a well-known Petersburg entrepreneur Mark Balazovskiy. The hotel manager was Pavel Kuranov.

In March 2006, Kuranov reported that according to the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities, it is not him anymore who is registered as the hotel manager, but a certain Gelfand Boris. ‘I’m not acquainted with this person. The board of management has never appointed him as a director.’ Davydov said adding that the illegal takeover process was in a peaceful way - without property damage and incidents.

Then, it was Barsukov who took the floor. He inquired whether Davydov had been examined by highest-ranked executives of the Investigation Committee (for instance, Maksimenko, Drymanov, Nikandrov). The witness answered that he has never heard these names.

The fact that Barsukov recalled the names of the former highest-ranked executives of the Investigation Committee was for a reason. It is no secret that colonel Mikhail Maksimenko bore upon the Kumarin case personally. In 2017, he was charged with bribery and subsequently sentenced to 13 years in prison. The former head of Moscow Investigations Aleksander Drymanov was accused of bribery. He was arrested on July 17 by the Lefortovskiy Moscow Court. On Thursday, August 16, the Moscow City Court passed sentence upon the former deputy chief of the Main Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee Denis Nikandrov. He is found guilty of bribery taking and sentenced to five and a half years in prison.

Another witness is Petr Ganzhula. Previously, he worked for the 15 Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service. He and four other accused were convicted for the accessory in illegal takeovers of Petersburg hotels. Again, none of them recalled the investigators’ names and events of that time.

‘Oh, it was so long ago,’ he said in court.

As was reported to a Rosbalt news agency by Vladimir Chebotarev, Barsukov’s lawyer, it is a typical situation for a trial when witnesses do not remember circumstances of a case.

It is to be recalled that Kumarin and Drokov are accused of illegal takeovers of some enterprises in Saint Petersburg like Universam Pulkovsky LLC, Peterburgskiy neftyanoy terminal ZAO, Krupskaya Konditerskaya Kompaniya ZAO. The investigators believe that they forged founders' documents of different companies, titled participatory shares in the names of dummy participants and illegally made modifications in an electronic database of the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities. 



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