Newly-made stockbroker Lekha Irkutsky got off with fine for forgery

Newly-made stockbroker Lekha Irkutsky got off with fine for forgery
Aleksey Gudyna (Lekha Irkutsky)

The state prosecutor did not insist on arresting the 'socially adapted' thief.

Thief in law Aleksey Gudyna aka Leka Irkutsky has been convicted in St. Petersburg for using a fake passport (part 3 of Art. 327 of the Russian Criminal Code). The judge and the prosecutors has shown incredible tolerance towards the criminal.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Lekha Irkutsky had been detained in June last year in Pulkovo airport. According to some sources, the thief in law intended to depart for a thieves gathering using a forged passport. However, law enforcers prevented Gudyna from boarding the plane.

A year later, the court finally reviewed the case against Irkutsky. According to Fontanka, the thief arrived to the magistrate's court of the Moskovsky district in a black Cruiser half an hour before the hearing. He was accompanied by lawyer Andrey Tanaschishin, former Police Investigator of the Primorsky district. The case was examined by Judge of the court department No. 125 Irina Voznyuk.

At the hearing, Gudyna made himself look good – he is married, has children, is officially unemployed, but has legal money. According to the thief, he earns a living with 'portfolio business'.

"Brokers place my assets on the stock exchange. I get an income from the sale of securities," the defendant explained.

The judge did not specify the origin of the initial capital of the newly-made stockbroker.

As for the forged document, the thief insisted that he had been allegedly presented the passport by his friends for his and his wife's wedding anniversary. In the document, Gudyna was listed under his wife's surname, i.e. Gavrilov. It was by accident that Lekha Irkutsky showed up in the St. Petersburg airport with a fake ID, as he had confused it with his real passport.

"I am completely guilty, and I repent. I've committed the crime by negligence," Aleksey Gudyna admitted at the trial.

According to part 3 of Art. 327 of the Russian Criminal Code, the prosecutor could have sentenced the thief in law to up to 6 months in custody, but she made a humanitarian gesture.

"Please consider the mitigating circumstances. Gudyna has a constant source of income. Yes, it is a repeated offense, but a punishment of 50 thousand rubles (840 dollars) is possible," the state prosecutor said.

Thief's lawyer Tanaschishin managed to achieve a lower fine of 40 thousand rubles (672 dollars) for his 'socially adapted' client.

As a result, the court sentenced Lekha Irkutsky to a fine of 40 thousand rubles and canceled travel restrictions. Now Gudyna can attend thieves' gatherings abroad.

To recall, this is not the only case in which the thief in law has been caught with a fake ID. In January 2015, Gudyna was detained when trying to depart from Rostov using forged documents. Back then, it was reported that he had tried to make it to a meeting in Yerevan. In 2014, Lekha Irkutsky was detained in Sheremetyevo airport when trying to leave for Turkey.



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