New Ukranian Criminal Intelligence Department to blow up thieves in law

New Ukranian Criminal Intelligence Department to blow up thieves in law
Deputy Chief of the National Police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin

Ukraine is carrying on sustained efforts to eliminate crime.

The National Police of Ukraine will introduce the Department of Criminal Intelligence. The new unit was announced by the Deputy Chief of the country's law enforcement body, Vyacheslav Abroskin. According to him, the Department will include the current Department of Criminal Investigation and the Department of Criminal Intelligence.

It is reported that the main area of focus of the new department will be fight against organized criminal groups and criminal 'authorities'.

The need to create such a specialized unit in Ukraine was discussed a few years ago. Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Alexey Rudenko, stated in 2015 that criminal intelligence involved introduction and in-depth analysis of the information received in conjunction with the data of operational units and information from open sources.

However, then it was more about fighting corruptionists and police officers were supposed to interfere in corruption schemes, which would allow documenting crimes at the preparation stage, identify all the defendants and accomplices in the unlawful schemes, as well as avert damage.

It was noted that such methods were relied on by anti-corruption subdivisions of the European Union countries and the United States.

Last week, Abroskin announced that over several months of work the siloviki had managed to cut the number of thieves in law in the country fourfold. According to him, at least the number of visiting mafia bosses dropped from 28 to 15 people.

Among the local ones Abroskin named only seven 'thieves', who are citizens of Ukraine. They are Sergey Lysenko (Lera Sumskoy), Sergey Oleynik, aka Umka, Valery Sheremet (Sharik), Revaz Katamadze (Rezo), Armen Khachatryan (Khokhol), and 'authorities' known as Khmel (Hop) and Voskresenye (Sunday).

Abroskin remarked that the number of foreign 'thieves' had been reduced after a massive "deportation to their homeland" in November. At the same time, he said, there were still five "respected gentlemen", who were trying to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. For instance, they are looking for wives in Ukraine. Three more - Gayoz Kvaratskheliya (Giya), Georgy Kiladze (Gega Ozurgetsky) and some Kitaets (Chinese), are on the wanted list.

The number of foreign thieves in law in the territory of Ukraine, according to the Deputy Chief Police Officer, is roughly 15 people.

This May thief in law David Gerliani (Dato Svan) was deported from Ukraine, Manuchar Gasviani, known in the criminal world under the nickname Mancho Zugdidsky, was detained in June. August saw deportation of thief in law Aytkali Maymushev (Lekha Maymysh, or Lekha Semipalatinsky). In the same month, thief in law Rezo Bukhnikashvili, dubbed Petso, who was previously deported from Russia, was rounded up at a Kiev airport with a forged passport. In September, Gela Dzhodzhua, known as Gela Tbilissky, constantly returning to this country, was detained again. A little later, on the third attempt only crime boss Tengiz Charaya (Tengo Galsky) was expelled. And this is hardly a complete list.



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