New thieves' massacre in Yerevan

New thieves' massacre in Yerevan
One of the instigators of the conflict - Zap (on the right)

Armenian thieves in law came together in close combat again.

Thieves' demolition, which took place in the center of Yerevan, got its logical continuation. There, at the night of August 4 on the Severnoe Avenue the group of Armenian thieves in law got even with one of their opponents for the intractability.

Previously the CrimeRussia reported about thieves' world split, within the framework of which the Armenian authorities decided to get rid of thieves in law of Armenian origin for the first time in 10 years - Alexander Makaryan, known as Alo, and Norayr Piloyan with the  criminal nickname Koncho. Earlier, a group of Zap was asked to grasp with local opposition, which attempted to capture the police station. Now, they are kept in the same prison, where some Armenian thieves in law are serving sentence. Among the authoritative inmates there are called Raphael Hoetsyan (Afo) and Samvel Harutyunyan (Samo), focused on Alo and Koncho. Zap was asked to return the payback. He was going to do, but his desire was not shared by Afo and Samo, who could reach out the rebels. Next the deportation of Alo and Koncho sources tend to associate with the unfulfilled request.

On the night of August 4, Zap, Suro and Georgian Koba unleashed their anger on the Giro, who also refused to play politics.  Thieves in law escaped, when they saw the patrol car with a flashing lights. But, as it turned out, the story is not over. According to the source, one of these days offenders of Giro received a reply - Zap, Suro and Georgian Koba were beaten by other local thieves -  Andik Harutyunyan (Chroma), Artem Mikaelyan, Samo Harutyunyan, Afo Hoetsyanom and returning after deportation Koncho.




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