Nedelya uncrowned in Greece 

Nedelya uncrowned in Greece
Nedelya’s act caused resentment and ridicule from Khmelo and Kutsu

44-year-old Andrey Nedzelsky was thief-crowned in the winter of 2012.

Another thief in law lost his criminal title and all his concomitant privileges. As it transpired yesterday, this time the crown was lost by the Ukrainian thief Andrey Nedzelsky, known in the criminal world under the nicknames Nedelya (Week) and Andrey Lvovsky. Nedzelsky was considered an underboss for Ukraine and controlled the local common fund.

The 44-year-old resident of Kiev, Andrey Nedzelsky, was crowned in the winter of 2012. His nomination was made in Greece, where at that time about 40 thieves in law from different clans gathered. Talks about Nedelya’s imminent coronation came immediately after the death of the famous Ukrainian thief in law Sergey Mamedov in November 2011; Nedzelsky was one of his closest associates.

On October 4, 2012 in Athens, along with Nedelya, the crown was put on the heads of four other criminals. All four were Georgians who lived in Europe then: Vaja Kutaissky, Misha Kutaissky, Georgy Vensky and Dato Cherepakha Samtredsky.

It is to be recalled that in July 2016, Nedelya got himself in a curious situation, which amused even his counterparts. Nedzelsky, who was detained at a thief gathering by security forces who suddenly showed up, tried to escape swimming. The escape plan failed, unfortunately for him.

The press service of the Kiev police then informed the CrimeRussia that, while working on operational information, officers of the criminal police found a group of men in a cottage community. Among them, there were three crowned thieves in law: Georgy Khmelidze nicknamed Khmelo, Georgy Lobzhanidze, known as Kutsu, and Nedelya. In addition, the gathering was attended by criminals of the local criminal environment.

During the inspections, the criminal police officers found and seized a large sum of money and three weapons (pistol Fort-14 TP, automatic machine TS-9-TP, machine gun MKE T94 A2) and cartridges to them. It should be noted that the detainees showed the permits for weapons, but they raised suspicions among the officers because they had signs of forgery. In view of this, the documents were sent for examination. The owners of the weapons also went to the police department. There, according to the press service, a check against them was initiated on the possible involvement in the crimes committed.

Meanwhile, a well-informed source familiar with the situation told the CrimeRussia that one of the thieves in law detained at the gathering did not want to communicate with the uninvited visitors so stubbornly that he had jumped into the Dnipro River nearby. However, he could not swim far away and was caught. According to the source, Nedelya’s act caused resentment and ridicule from Khmelo and Kutsu.

The reasons for Nedelya’s debunking will be published by the CrimeRussia in the near future.

Video: Nedelya, Kutsu and Khmelo detained in Kiev



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