Names of 'Russian mafiosi' detained in Paris revealed

Names of 'Russian mafiosi' detained in Paris revealed
Revi Darakhvelidze

There are five thieves in law among the detained citizens of the former Soviet republics.

Five thieves in law were detained during a large-scale campaign to detain the so-called Russian mafia in France, Primecrime reports.

One of the detainees is 44-year-old Ilya Kheladze, known in the criminal world as Zhulverovich or Ilo Lanchkhutsky. Back when Saakashvili was the president of Georgia, Kheladze served seven years in prison. There was another thief in the same isolation ward with him, namely, thief in law Revi Darakhvelidze, who was also detained along with Kheladze.

In addition, the law enforcers detained Georgy Poladishvili aka Sinkar, mostly known for participation in the 'de-crowning' of Gigi Vibliani along with his 'godfather' Kako Landiya and Revi. Sinkar is at odds with a thief in law from Shakro Molodoy's clan, Nodar Aloyan, extradited to French authorities in July this year.

The persons detained also include Nodar Gamisoniya aka Nodar Sukhumsky and Nikoloz Nodiya aka Nika Tbilissky. They both were crowned in 2013.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, all of the 35 detainees are suspected of organization and conduct of burglaries, street robberies, smuggling, and extortion. In the course of the operation, the police officers seized weapons and 70 thousand euro in cash. In addition, about 200 thousand euro was seized on their accounts.



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