Murders and abductions. Moshok who escaped from psycho ward put on trial in Novosibirsk 

Murders and abductions. Moshok who escaped from psycho ward put on trial in Novosibirsk
The moment of the psycho ward escape Photo: Video screenshot

The ‘authority’ is being accused of a wide range of grievous crimes.

Novosibirsk regional court started considering a case against a criminal kingpin Viktor Moshkov (aka Moshok). He is being accused of murders, abductions, and slaveholding, as well as a psycho ward escape.

According to the case file, since 1983, Moshkov almost didn’t live on the outside. As soon as he was released, he again got involved in a skirmish. His impressive list of crimes of previous years included highjacking, robbery, hooliganism, infliction of a serious bodily injury, abductions, murders.

When he was released once again in 1998, Moshkov decided to gain control over a market in the city of Kuibyshev. In order to get rid of competitors, Moshkov lured them into his car, drove them out of the city and killed - this is being stated by a prosecutor of a department of public prosecutors of the Prosecution Service Nikolay Privalikhin. As for slaveholding, Moshkov captured a homeless person and at threat of murder made him exercise various tasks.

Against the background of the legal and investigative situation, the defendant became mentally disturbed, and he was placed in the in-patient facility for treatment. The condition of the dangerous patient was considered critical: he was allegedly paralysed and could not speak. By December, 2018, Moshkov got well - insomuch as he decided to escape from the psycho ward. CrimeRussia had reported the ‘authority’ had made a cut in the base of the grating and escaped. Law enforcement officers managed to detain him in a week.

At the present time, he is in the remand prison. Meanwhile, Kuibyshev district court is considering another case against him related to theft. The core question the court is going to find out is whether the defendant is sane. This would influence the measure of restraint.

It is to be recalled that an ‘authority’ is considered a ‘figure of influence’ in the criminal world. Moshok is known as a representative of a Slavic criminal clan in Novosibirsk region. He had earlier been close to a ‘thief in law’ Pavel Morev (aka Besheny) who died in 2002.



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