Murderer of mob Mukha sentenced to 19 years’ imprisonment

Murderer of mob Mukha sentenced to 19 years’ imprisonment
Monument at the grave of Merab Tabagua

In 2003, the killer and his accomplice shot mob Merab Tabagua and the shot callers Alexey Kryukov and Ivan Zankevich from the Kalashnikov rifle near the Apelsin cafe in the Sovetsky district of Bryansk.

The Sovetsky District Court of Bryansk sentenced 41-year-old Pyotr Turlaev to 19 years of the strict regime over the murder of thief in law Merab Tabagua (Mukha) and his two assistants Alexey Kryukov and Ivan Zankevich in 2003. The press office of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Bryansk region reports this. The agency does not name the accused, but this information is published on the court's website.

Turlaev was charged with the Murder of more than two persons, committed in a generally dangerous manner (part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code) and Illegal Arms Trafficking (part 3 of Article 222 of the Criminal Code). According to the case materials, the killer was an active participant in one of the Bryansk criminal groups that operated in the region in 2002-2009.

The murder of Tabagua occurred on the night of April 22, 2003. The killers opened fire on the mob and his companions from Kalashnikov assault rifle. The killers fled. Tabagua died on the spot. Kryukov and Zankevich later died in the hospital. Another person was hurt slightly. The primary motive was the redistribution of influence in the Bryansk criminal world.

Merab Tabagua who was tried six times was crowned in 1973 at the age of 19 years. In the Bryansk region, he arrived from St. Petersburg in 1992. In 1994, he returned to St.Petersburg for the coronation of his assistant Oleg Rogachev. Later Rogachev was appointed the underboss for the south-western region of the Bryansk region. In 1999, the Bryansk Regional Court sentenced Tabagua to 8 years of the strict regime on charges of extortion and kidnapping. At the end of 2002, the mob was released on parole.  

After that, Mukha tried to establish control over some commercial structures of the city, because of what he squared off against with several local criminal groups.



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