Murdered Ukrainian ‘authority’ Vasilenko involved in massacre of member of Bratskaya organized crime group 

Murdered Ukrainian ‘authority’ Vasilenko involved in massacre of member of Bratskaya organized crime group
Yury Vasilenko

He was fatally wounded during a recent abduction and subsequently died. At the present time, his dead body is being searched for in the woods.

Investigation into abduction of a Ukrainian ‘authority’ Yury Vasilenko has given operatives new data on a murder that had been committed 18 years ago. He was allegedly one of the participants of a massacre of a member of Bratskaya organized crime group - 25-year-old Pavel Petrenko, reports Rosbalt with reference to its source within law enforcement. He died in Moscow region’s Zelenograd on October 16, 2001 - as a result of a blow with a screwdriver (including to his heart).

Members of the Mafia usually punish traitors this way, so operatives started searching for vestiges of the crime in the criminal world. It was found out that Petrenko - with other gunmen - had received a task to go to a meeting, however Pavel refused under colour of something unconvincing. The members of Bratskaya organized crime group who had gone to the meeting without him were killed. With that, Petrenko sold his apartment on an urgent basis and disappeared. He was found a few years later in Zelenograd and killed.

For a long time, the crime remained unsolved. The first defendant in the case appeared in 2011 - then one of the leaders of Bratskaya organized crime group Dmitry Poroshin who had taken part in the assault was detained. In 2012, he was sentenced to 8 years in a colony. It was also determined gangster Viacheslav Gamernik had helped him in the crime, however the latter was shot in 2006. Nevertheless, investigators had data on the third participant of the vendetta, however for a long time he could not be identified. Operatives have recently received information according to which it had been Yury Vasilenko. But they were not on time to interrogate him.

Once, Yury Vasilenko was close to a ‘thief in law’ Vladimir Tyurin (aka Tyurik) who is being considered a founder of Bratskaya organized crime group. 



Besides that, Vasilenko is considered involved in other murders: in particular, murder of an ex-Duma member Denis Voronenkov and a leader of Oplot party Evgeny Zhilin.

This is what caused the abduction. The Rosbalt source’s theory is that Vasilenko owed gangsters of Kurskaya and Mazutinskaya organized crime group large amounts of money. Kurskaya group members - by order of the Ukrainian ‘authority’ - shot Zhilin in Moscow region and disposed of ‘authority’ Eduard Akselrod in Ukraine who had been a defendant in the case related to the murder of Voronenkov and could turn Vasilenko in.

Last week, officers of the Federal Security Service, Moscow Criminal Investigation Department, and Main Administration of Criminal Search of MIA have detained a local ‘authority’ Aleksander Soshnikov in Kursk and a member of Mazutinskaya organized crime group Vladimir Taymankin in Moscow. They told they had caused Vasilenko debilitating injury, and the latter died subsequently. 

От полученных ранений Аксельрод скончался на месте

Murdered Akselrod

They were disposing of the dead body in the dark in a wooded area, so the criminals could not pinpoint the exact location. Investigators expect to find the remains of Vasilenko till the end of the week.

Soshnikov and Taymankin also told where the murder weapon - the TT gun - had been left. In addition, vehicle used during the murder is being searched.

Three others participants of the abduction - including Dmitry Polyakov (aka Don) known as a rogue songs singer in Kursk - have been put on a wanted list. According to operatives’ data, he was at the same time a member of Kurskaya organized crime group.

Дон Поляков

Don Polyakov

Vasilenko was abducted on January 10, this year, from a Moscow-based restaurant Bazilik located on Mira prospect following a scuffle and shooting. after being wounded, he was put in a car trunk of Mitsubishi Pajero with filed off plates. Then, the abductors left for an unknown destination. The Investigative Committee of Russia initiated criminal cases under articles 126 (Abduction committed by a group of persons by previous concert) and article 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Ammunition trafficking).



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