Murder of Volodya Khokhol. Does Takhi's henchman face imprisonment for killing? 

Murder of Volodya Khokhol. Does Takhi's henchman face imprisonment for killing?
Sadyk does not want to plead guilty Photo: The CrimeRussia

The Supreme Court of Buryatia tries the case of a loud murder of mob Vladimir Vlasko (Volodya Khokhol) committed eight years ago. Killers of Vlasko got long terms, but mastermind Buryat mob Ilshat Ivanov, known by the nickname Sadyk, does not want to confess. Ivanov has been wandering around pre-trial detention centers, colonies and courts for six years already. There is no money for bribes and the 'authoritative' roof springs. Will the investigation succeed in proving Sadyk's involvement in a resonant crime?

Murder without witnesses

Trans-Baikal mob Vladimir Vlasko, known in narrow circles as Volodya Khokhol, was the leader of one of the local gangs in the 00's. His group had control over route traffic, the Narodny market and illegal jade mining. In 2010, Volodya Khokhol decided to get rid of his competitor in the criminal business. The name of the mastermind was disclosed by one of the sources in 2013. According to our insiders, Ilshat Ivanov aka Sadyk ordered him. He hired killer Andrey Dryunin (Drunya), who in turn attracted Sergey Gryaznov, nicknamed Borets


Murder's spot

In October 2010, Gryaznov reached 36-year-old Vladimir Vlasko and his bodyguard in the entrance of the house on the Tsiviliva Street in Ulan-Ude. The killer was dressed in the form of an electrician, who allegedly came to repair an intercom. Khokhol even entered into a dialogue with his killer. He offered the repairman money for work, but the killer refused. The mob cussed out Sergey Gryaznov and went to the door of the entrance. Then the killer took out a pistol and shot Khokhol. He also killed his bodyguard Viktor Ukhanaev and a son of the head of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of one of the districts of Buryatia. Both of them died on the spot.

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Khokhol's grave

Hitman No 1. Drunya

The criminal case was a cold case, while the siloviki did not detain hired killer from the Metsenatovskie criminal group (the power wing of the Osinovskie gang) Andrey Dryunin in 2015. He signed the plea deal.

In April 2016, the Central District Court of Chita sentenced Andrey Drunin to 9 years in a strict-regime colony for attempting to kill three people. The names of the victims were not disclosed.


Andrey Dryunin

In August 2017, the Trans-Baikal Regional Court found Drunya guilty of the murder of 11 people, two kidnappings, 20 episodes of extortion, five robberies and other crimes under 12 articles of the Criminal Code. Among other things, the mercenary was convicted under part 1 of Art. 210 of the Criminal Code (Gang Creation). The investigation considered Drunya as the leader of the killer gang. Details of the criminal episodes neither the examination, nor the Prosecutor's Office or the court did not reveal. The killer was sentenced to 23 years, the first five years of which he will spend in prison, and the remaining - in a strict-security colony.

Hitman No 2. Serega Borets

So, after Drunya was detained and imprisoned, the siloviki eliminated other gangsters, on which the killer pointed.

In July 2018, the Trans-Baikal Regional Court sentenced five members of the Osinovskie and Metsenatovskie gangs to imprisonment in a strict regime prison for a term of 12 to 24 years. These five were Alexander Filippov, Maxim Mikhailov, Sergey Gryaznov, Nikolay Zakharov and Alexander Van.


Sergey Gryaznov and Alexander Filippov were members of one gang

Filippov, Mikhailov and Gryaznov 'worked' under the leadership of the previously convicted Dmitry Vedernikov (Vedera), and Zakharov, Mikhailov, and Van were members of the Osinovskie gang.

Sergey Gryaznov (Borets) was accused of some murders, including the killing of Volodya Khokhol and his bodyguard, Ukhanaev. He was sentenced to 23 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony.

The mastermind. Sadyk

In the summer of 2017, the participation of Drunya and Borets in the removal of Vladimir Vlasko was described in his memoirs of ex-leader of the Metsenatovskie gang Dmitry Vedernikov, sentenced to 22 years in a strict-security colony. In his book, "Reflection" Vedera told about the circumstances of the murder of Vlasko. The story confirmed the insider information of The CrimeRussia about involvement of his competitor in the illegal jade business Ilshat Ivanov in the murder of Khokhol. Vedera argues that Sadyk was proactive - if delayed, then he would become his victim.

Volodya Khokhol was shot eight years ago, in October 2010. Sadyk was detained, but on another charge, in 2012. Then he was accused under part 3 of Art. 161 of the Criminal Code (Robbery committed by an organized group). According to our information, Sadyk and accomplices (who were detained together with him) abducted the Buryat entrepreneur to the forest, beat and abused him, and afterward took the victim to his house and stole the cash by force. When the investigation on this case was ongoing, the source told The CrimeRussia that Sadyk would not get off with one verdict, because he faced a serious accusation. It was just about the fact that the investigation found grounds for bringing Ivanov to criminal liability in the case of the murder of Vova Khokhol.



In March 2016, Ivanov was sentenced to 4 years of a strict-regime colony, the remaining defendants of the case were released on parole. A month later the source informed us that investigative measures are held in the framework of the case of the killing of Vlasko. The investigation of the case was brought to an end, at the beginning of summer of 2018 the Prosecutor's Office of the Trans-Baikal Territory approved the indictment and sent the case to the Supreme Court of Buryatia for consideration on the merits. It is curious that almost all local media ignore this trial. At the time of Sadyk's arrest, his representatives nightmarized the press.

Following group

Sadyk, who is the henchman of thief in law Georgy Uglava (Takhi), does not want to plead guilty. At each court session, a group of like-minded people comes to support him. In addition to attorneys, the hearing was attended by Sadyk's wife younger brother Bair Chitinsky and Oleg Poltik. The last has his gang, which includes only athletes. Members of the gang call themselves hustlers. Hustlers specialize in fraud with bank cards and extortion; criminal proceeds are legalized through atypical business - children's attractions. As for Bair Chitinsky, his business interests are real estate and cars' sphere.

The friends of Sadyk, according to the source of The CrimeRussia, go to the courts not only for the sake of support but also for psychological pressure on Drunya and Sergey Gryaznov, who were brought to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Buryatia for testimony.

Without allies and the thievish roof

Sadyk, as we have already written, is serving a sentence for robbery. It is interesting that the testimony against Sadyk and his gang was given not only by competitors but his gang's members. In particular, Viktor Roganov, aka Rogan, stated that he had extorted 50 thousand rubles in favor of the jade underboss.

"Despite the fact that Rogan was under the state protection of witnesses, he was also put in jail. Roganov had to be closed because he planned to have a serious conversation with thieves in law at large. The fact is that Sadyk neglected concepts and laws, for which he would lose all his authority,” the source of The CrimeRussia said.

According to the source, seven employees of the FSIN tortured Rogan, forcing him to give testimony. Nevertheless, Roganov did not give up his words. In 2016, at the trial, he confirmed his testimony and announced torture. FSIN staff was convicted only in August 2018, they were jailed for 4 years suspended.

By the way, the thievish roof of Ilshat Ivanov springs. Thief in law Georgy Uglava (Takhi) sits behind bars for extorting money from a Chita businessman. In 2017, the Trans-Baikal Regional Court sentenced the mob to 3.5 years in a general-regime colony. Now Takhi faces a life sentence for gang creation. The court handed over a criminal case against Uglava on charges of organizing a criminal community, robbery, extortion, car theft and theft in especially large amounts. According to our source, Takhi's closest associates, Kakha Parpalia (Kakha Galsky) and Badri Koguashvili (Badri Kutaissky), spend a lot of money for bribes to release Takhi. Another interlocutor of The CrimeRussia had previously stated that Georgy Ugalava appealed to Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) for financial assistance. However, Kalashov refused to help. This happened because Takhi promotes AUE-culture among teenagers. Meanwhile, the thievish world did not appreciate the desire of Uglava to raise money through schoolchildren.



The money is power

The henchman of Takhi hopes not only for his credibility and circle of acquaintances in the criminal environment of Transbaikalia. According to our sources, he is ready to defend using financial resources. So, Ilshat Ivanov's wife tried to challenge the arrested millions of her husband in court – the court seized 406.000 yuan, 8 million rubles, and 1 thousand US dollars. However, the court refused and kept the attachment.

He has other assets. According to the source of The CrimeRussia, Sadyk owns a jade business. Now, a reasonably large company has been opened in the name of his wife Natalia, which owns about 50 wagons. From Buryatia, Sadyk's carts carry wood to China, and Chinese cars and fruit are loaded on the way back.

Natalia Ivanova is the founder of many companies in the Siberian Federal District: Siberia Service (freight by rail), Leader (construction of residential and non-residential buildings), Baikal Biofuel Company LLC, PromSkervis (freight organization).

Ilshat Ivanov and his wife also get a lot of real estates not only in Buryatia but also abroad. He has stakes in hotels and shops in Thailand.

But Sadyk does not have chances to remain at large. For the last six years he has been wandering around pre-trial detention centers, colonies and courts, and it seems that this is only a prelude to a life sentence.⁠



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