Mukha denies status on camera against background of endemic arrests of thieves in law 

Mukha denies status on camera against background of endemic arrests of thieves in law

He was detained when he and his spouse, an employee of the Moscow city administration, were about to set off for Sochi.

Last week, 59-year-old ‘thief in law’ Oleg Mukhametshin-Degtyarev (aka Mukha) denied his status on his own accord, having written the relevant statement to a head of the Moscow Department of the Russian Ministry of Interior, as well as confirmed his intention on camera.

When asked by law enforcers what had made him refuse from the status, now ex-‘thief’ replied that he doesn’t consider himself such and had never been a ‘thief in law’.

Meanwhile, the 59-year-old native of Kazan Mukhametshin - with prior records for falsification of documents, robbery, possession of a firearm and escape from custody - is known to have been ‘crowned’ in 1994 by famous Moscow ‘thieves’ Andrey Isaev (aka Rospis) and Vladimir Savoskin (aka Savoska). And more importantly, later, it was him who ‘crowned’ a citizen of Novosibirsk Evgeny Antipov (aka Antip Novosibirsky) in 2013. Mukhametshin spent his last term with Antipov. Besides that, Mukhametshin ‘crowned’ a citizen of Kazan Roman Sychev (aka Roman Kazansky) in 2014.

Mukha was related to a so-called Slavic wing of ‘thieves’ who were most actively involved in the thieves’ processes. In 2008, while being in custody, Mukha was one of those who ‘signed’ a ‘run-through’ for Tariel Oniani (aka Taro) - an initiative launched by Ded Khasan.

Mukha is known to be about to set off for Sochi - along with his spouse - on the day when he renounced his title, but he was detained by employees of the Moscow Criminal Intelligence. He decided not to ruin his vacation this way and closed this topic - instead of being taken into custody and prosecuted under article 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Leadership in a criminal hierarchy). Thus, the ‘thief’ became the first one to refuse from the status after the article had been introduced.

According to VChK-OGPU Telegram channel, Mukhametshin-Degtyarev’s spouse is a well-off person and an employee of the Moscow city administration. She had earlier worked under the umbrella of Vladimir Resin with the construction department; and now, she works with Sobyanin’s team.

Interestingly, when Mukha was detained in 2010 at Kursky railway station, law enforcers found a book Physics’ workshop (a guide to seduction written by a pick-up guru Aleks Lesli) in his carry-on. The guide seems to work really well.



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