“Mr. prosecutor, do you like what they’ve done to us?”: Artem Lipetsky’s supporter started brawl in court

“Mr. prosecutor, do you like what they’ve done to us?”: Artem Lipetsky’s supporter started brawl in court
Artem Lipetsky and company

The Chaplygin ‘enforcer’ paid with his life for attempting to disrupt the ‘crowning’ of Artem Arakelyan.⁠

The other day, the Moscow Regional Court put an end to the case of the murder of Aleksandr Abbasov, an ‘enforcer’ in Chaplygin, the Lipetsk region, better known in the criminal world as Sasha Abbas. Sasha Abbas paid with his life for attempting to disrupt the ‘crowning’ of Artem Arakelyan by leaking discrediting information about then-alive Ded Khasan. There were 5 defendants in the dock, including Arakelyan and his ‘guards’ Aleksey Ivanov, Ashot Bakoyan, Suren Agababyan, and Sergey Baranov. One of the thief in law’s supporters nearly started a brawl with journalists during the pronouncement of sentence, frightening the bailiffs. The CrimeRussia’s details about the incident are below.

We have repeatedly told about the events that formed the basis of this case. At the heart of it, there is the crowning of Artem Arakelyan, which was nearly compromised; the investigation believes that he was the one to organize the kidnapping and murder of his longtime opponent Sasha Abbas. The fact is that after learning about the upcoming crowning of Arakelyan, the Chaplygin ‘enforcer’ announced compromising material that would not allow the former to become a thief in law. In the past, Arakelyan was engaged in fruit trade in the local market together with his family and paid bandits for protection; in addition, he had no criminal record, which is considered to be a bad feature for a thief in law.

In response, Arakelyan decided to act radically and drew two bodyguards, Denis Panin and Ashot Bakoyan, to cope with the situation. According to some sources, Panin had friendly relations with the criminal ‘patriarch’ Ded Khasan (killed by a sniper in the center of Moscow in January 2013).

According to the investigation, the chronology of Arakelyan and Panin’s actions was as follows. In December 2011, using his ties in the criminal environment, Panin got to Sasha Abbas and offered him to meet at a cafe. During the meeting, a dozen young men led by Artem Arakelyan burst into the facility and forcefully dragged Abbasov into the trunk of the car. His corpse was later found in a drainage collector near the village of Sgonniki. The examination showed that the ‘enforcer’ died from five gunshot wounds to the head. The ICR Investigations Directorate for the Mytishchi district initiated a criminal case into the killing, however, in the spring of 2013, the investigation was suspended due to the “impossibility to identify the criminally liable person.” By the time, Artem Arakelyan was granted the coveted title of thief in law. He was crowned on the recommendation of Aslan Usoyan in 2012, six months after the murder of Abbasov.

The investigation started getting off the ground when the materials went into production of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate for the Moscow region in July 2013. Arakelyan and Panin were detained on suspicion of involvement in the kidnapping and shooting of the Chaplygin ‘enforcer’. Both refused to testify.

According to Moskovsky Komsomolets, numerous relatives and friends of the defendants as well as media representatives were present at the verdict announcement. The presence of journalists had the defendants really riled up. They shouted and covered their faces from the cameras. “Cameras must go away, keep them away from us! Mr. prosecutor, you like what they’ve done to us?! They want to shame us in front of the entire country. We are prosecuted for nothing!” the defendants shouted. One of the Arakelyan’s supporters even tried to start a fight with the cameramen, rushing at them with fists. “You cannot shoot us, we do not allow this!” he yelled.

The man’s behavior frightened the bailiffs so much that they preferred not to interfere in the conflict. The judge also had to calm the accused. “I cannot chase journalists out, we have an open process,” the judge explained. However, the defendants continued to demand to remove the press. Already during the verdict announcement, Suren Agababyan demanded to suspend the meeting because he “wanted to go to the toilet.”

As a result, the Moscow Regional Court sentenced Arakelyan to 17 years’ imprisonment, Agababyan received a 18-year sentence, Panin was sentenced to 15 years, and Baranov to 13 years. They will serve their sentence in a strict-regime colony. In addition, the court recovered 250.000 rubles from the defendants in compensation for moral damage to Sasha Abbas’ widow and his three children.



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