Moscow court prolonged arrest of criminal lord Italiyanets on three months

Moscow court prolonged arrest of criminal lord Italiyanets on three months
Andrey Kochuykov, known as Italiyanets (Italian) Photo: TASS

Andrey Kochuykov is accused of extortion of 8 million rubles ($135.000) from the owner of capital restaurant Elements.

Arrest of defendant in the case over firefight on Rodchelskaya Street, criminal authority Andrey Kochuykov famous in criminal circles as Italiyanets (Italian), was extended for three months. The meeting took place on Monday, January 13, in Moscow City Court.

“The petition of the investigating officer will be satisfied, measure of restraint concerning Kochuykov extended in the form of detention till June 15”, RIA Novosti quotes the judge. Also the Moscow City Court extended arrest to the second defendant on case — to Eduard Romanov.

As the investigation insists, prolongation of arrest of Italiyanets and the second person involved in the case was caused by need of interrogation of Zakhar Kalashov known as ‘code-bound criminal of Shakro Molodoy (Shakro the Young) and owner of Elements restaurant Zhanna Kim.

Earlier, the CrimeRussia reported that on January 27, employees of the Main Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia conducted an investigative experiment on Rochdelskaya Street under the case of Shakro Molodoy. On the place of firefight which happened in December, 2015 lawyer Eduard Budantsev showed to police officers how he was shooting back helpers of ‘code-bound criminal’ Zakhar Kalashov.

According to the investigators, the last led by Italiyanets Andrey Kochuykov tried to assert the rights of the designer Fatima Misikova in her dispute with owner of the restaurant Zhanna Kim for whom Budantsev interceded. As a result, the lawyer was arrested on a charge of murder of two and more persons. Andrey Kochuykov was initially accused of hooliganism, then the accusation was changed to a racketing, and now to gangsterism.

Besides, Zakhar Kalashov, and also a number of high-ranking employees of the ICR were trying, according to case papers, to mitigate article to ‘code-bound criminal’ were arrested.



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