Moscow Criminal Intelligence exposes Gia Tskhaltubsky 

Moscow Criminal Intelligence exposes Gia Tskhaltubsky
Georgy Tskhadadze is known as a thief in law nicknamed Gia Tskhaltubsky

Another thief in law has been detained in Moscow.

Even though he had changed his last name, the thief in law has been found. Information surfaced that Moscow Criminal Intelligence (MCI) detained Georgy Tskhadadze (or Gia Tskhaltubsky), a Georgian thief in law of 42 in downtown Moscow.

Officers got reports that the thief in law, previously deported from Russia, took his mother's name in Georgia believing it would spare him problems in Moscow. But the problems came anyway: Georgy Tskhadadze was exposed and detained by MCI operatives in ​​Petrovka. Yesterday, Moscow’s Tverskoy Court put the mafia boss in custody for illegal stay in the Russian Federation. Currently, he is in a temporary detention center for foreign citizens. Gia Tskhaltubsky is going to face another deportation, second one in the last six months. Sources emphasize that Georgy Tskhadadze may become a person of interest in the criminal case on illegal crossing of the Russian border.

In early October 2016, the MCI collared Tskhadadze at a Moscow restaurant. Reports that the criminal leader was staying in the country illegally became the reason for his detention. At a personal inspection, Gia Tskhaltubsky showed a driving license for someone else's name, and the document had signs of forgery. Then it was reported that a criminal case could be initiated under part 3 of Art. 327 of the Criminal Code (Forgery, Manufacture, or Sale of Falsified Documents, Government Awards, Stamps, Seals, and Forms). In addition, the CrimeRussia was told that the detainee had been active in the criminal circles striving to expand the spheres of influence of the gangs under his control.

The Basmanny District Court found the thief in law guilty of committing an administrative offense and decided to deport him from Russia. Upon returning to his homeland, the mafia boss changed his last name and came back to Russia, but soon was exposed by the Moscow Criminal Intelligence.

Video: Gia Tskhaltubsky detained at a Moscow restaurant



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