Moscow confirms Albert Ryzhy’s thief in law status

Moscow confirms Albert Ryzhy’s thief in law status
Ali Geydarov (Albert Ryzhy)

The accompanying ‘documents’ were granted to him by enforcer Gochi, assuming all the risks associated with the disputed thief in law.

Last week, thief in law Ali Geydarov (Albert Ryzhy) was sent from St. Petersburg to Yoshkar-Ola (via Moscow). Although, up to that moment, his status had been ambiguous – for example, he was not considered as a thief in law in the Kresty remand center. However, in the Moscow pre-trial detention facility No. 4 (SIZO-4), known as Medved (Bear), a corresponding message signed by enforcer Gochi has been disseminated, confirming Albert Ryzhy’s thief status.

Gochi, whom thieves have chosen to keep order in the central prison, does not have the right to independently resolve issues related to the recognition or de-crowning of thieves, but since he has done it, one must assume that he had enlisted the oral support of the relevant persons. At the same time, in the case of any force majeure related to Albert Ryzhy, it is the message signer who will bear the responsibility.

For Geydarov, this ‘kite’ re-opens the door to the criminal world; his further fate in places of detention will depend on how he shows himself in Moscow.

To recall, in late 2016, the Frunzensky Court of St. Petersburg found Geydarov guilty of robbery, which he and his accomplices had committed in 2013. Back then, luring the victim with a car sale ad, criminals took away nearly 2 million rubles ($34.8 thousand) from the St. Petersburg resident. The thief was detained in the summer of 2014.

However, it was not a good time for former leader of Arkhangelskie OCG Geydarov, crowned in 2012 by recommendation of Ded Hasan, to go to jail. Shortly before his arrest, several thieves in law had de-crowned him, and the Internet had been stuffed with great amount of photo and video materials of questionable quality, discrediting Albert Ryzhy’s thief status. There was a picture allegedly showing him leaking information to a correction officer and a video from the Turkish city of Edirne, on which, according to the video’s authors, Albert Ryzhy is running away from the thieves in law Aleksey Gudyna (Lekha Irkutsky) and Besik Kvinikhidze (Beso Rustavsky), with whom he has long been at odds. This encounter turned into shooting, in which a Turkish policeman died. Geydarov himself categorically denied participation in any shootings in Turkey during the interrogations.

Not to mention the assassination attempts on Albert Ryzhy, which have taken place three times. Such are the results of his confrontation with crime lord Lotu Guli. After the death of Rovshan Lenkoransky, he began to gain strength rapidly, trying to take his place.



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