Moscow businessman extorts $400.000 from wife of "thief-in-law" "Edik Tbilisskiy"  

Moscow businessman extorts $400.000 from wife of "thief-in-law" "Edik Tbilisskiy"
Sergey Asatryan, Gennady Ivankov, and Eduard Asatryan at the Napoleon restaurant, December 2012, Moscow

Karen Mkhitaryan, a businessman and a distant relative to Eduard Asatryan, is ready to change the testimony against the "thief-in-law" in exchange for $ 400.000 from his wife, an informed source of the CrimeRussia reported.

The initial criminal case featured Russian “thief-in-law” Sergey Asatryan, who goes in the criminal world under the nicknames “Osetrina” and “Seryozha-Bentley”. However, as the inquiry progresses, new defendants are likely to emerge in the near future. An informed source told the Rosbalt news agency, that Eduard Asatryan had been recently brought from the Arkhangelsk colony to Moscow. He is the father of “Seryozha-Bentley”, and goes under the nickname “Edik Tbilisskiy” (Edik of Tbilisi), an influential kingpin. Eduard Asatryan is currently serving a three-year sentence for illegal possession of drugs.


The source claimed that the investigators leading the case of Sergey Asatryan, who is suspected of extorting $ 1.2 million from businessman Karen Mkhitaryan, had suspected his father of being also involved in this crime. This prospect may result in a new and more severe term of imprisonment for Asatryan Sr. Recently, he was transferred to Moscow for further investigation. Mkhitaryan reportedly testified that before his arrest for cocaine Eduard Asatryan personally threatened him and demanded money. "It is very likely that he will be charged in the present case," the source noted.

At the same time, an informed source of the CrimeRussia confirmed this information and reported that Karen Mkhitaryan is a distant relative to Eduard Asatryan, and that he is ready to retract his testimony in exchange for $ 400.000, which he currently demands from the wife of the kingpin.

Sergey Asatryan was arrested in late November 2015 by the staff of the 6th operations and search division of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department and the Criminal Investigation Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate in the Western Administrative District of Moscow with the support of the SOBR (Special Rapid Response Unit). Later, the press service of the Moscow central board reported that a 41-year-old native of Georgia was arrested along with him:

- The detained were extorting $1.2 million from a Moscow resident, threatening to use violence against the victim and his family. Fearing for the lives and well-being of his family, the victim agreed to meet the requirements of the extortionists and gave them the money, the spokesman of the Head Department of Interior Ministry in Moscow, Andrey Galiakberov said.

Video: The court arrested "thief-in-law" "Osetrina" (Sergey Asatryan)



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