Moscow arrests crime lord Guli’s henchman

Moscow arrests crime lord Guli’s henchman
Fuad Rzaev

Fuad Rzaev extorted money from entrepreneurs on behalf of crime lord Nadir Salifov aka Guli who has fled abroad, according to investigators.

On February 18, the Zamoskvoretsky District Court arrested crime lord Fuad Rzaev aka Afo for one month until March 19, 2018, according to AGN Moskva.

The arrestee was charged with extortion, according to the defendant’s attorney Muslim Dzhamalutdinov. Rzaev pleaded not guilty, the attorney noted. The defense team is going to appeal the decision.

The arrestee extorted money from entrepreneurs on behalf of crime lord Nadir Salifov who is hiding abroad.

The arrestee had extorted money from the victims and threatened them and their families with violence if they refused to pay, the judge noted.

The Russian FSB and Town of Dolgoprudny police arrested Nadir Salifov’s gang led by Fuad Rzaev, as The CrimeRussia reported earlier. The gang acted on Salifov’s order and extorted money from Azeri businesspeople. They would kidnap some of them to instill fear.

Each victim was forced to pay about ₽2m ($35.500) monthly. Guli’s brother Namik Bakinsky would visit Moscow every now and then to oversee their operations. However, Nadir Salifov was responsible for the overall command. He gave orders from Turkey. The Presnensky District Court (Moscow) arrested Salifov in absence in late 2017. It also put him on the wanted list for alleged kidnapping and extortion.

The separated criminal cases are likely to be united into one, and all defendants will be charged with gang activities.

To remind, Salifov was released from prison after 22 years last fall. He lives in Turkey and is building up his own clan. He has henchmen in Georgia (as in country), Ukraine, and a number of Russian regions. He is seizing businesses run by Azeries.

Moscow police arrested Guli’s henchmen in a café on the Kutuzovsky Avenue on December 30. They were going to meet with Chechen crime lord Aziz Batukaev’s gang members. The two gangs have disputes over a number of marketplaces.



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