More details into assassination of Ded Hasan’s archenemy 

More details into assassination of Ded Hasan’s archenemy
SUV Range Rover is filled with bullets

The notorious kingpin ran out of lives.

More details are coming from Istanbul, where a notorious Azerbaijani criminal Rovshan Dzhaniev, also known as Rovshan Lenkoransky, was killed during the bloodshed last night. It turned out that Dzhaniev got 5 bullets, one of which hit him in the eye. This wound most likely gave him no chance to recover. Initially it was reported that he survived the assassination attempt, was taken to hospital with grave injuries, but later died.

Judging by the photos made at the scene, the killer made multiple shots at the crowned thief and his driver. SUV Range Rover is filled with bullets.

According to Azerbaijani media, the kingpin carried forged documents in the last name of Aliev. However, it turned out later that Dzhaniev was their owner. The investigation into the murder is conducted by the Istanbul Police Headquarters.

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It is worth noting that journalists had repeatedly followed Rovshan Dzhaniev to his grave. However, later it always turned out that the news of his death had been false. By the way, Rovshan’s numerous enemies and ideological opponents claimed that those rumors were his own doing. It was reported that the thief in law survived assassination attempts in Europe, Moscow, Emirates, and Turkey. On the basis of information provided by its sources, the CrimeRussia also reported that Lenkoransky had been killed in Turkey. Afterwards it turned out that the ingenious game performed by the parties concerned once again yielded the results desirable by the said people.


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After the patriarch of the criminal underworld Ded (Grandpa) Hasan had been killed, Dzhaniev was immediately called the orchestrator, as one of his most ardent opponents. Thieves in law from Hassan’s clan allegedly decided at their gatherings, who would be punished for the death of boss of all bosses. And then followed the news about Lenkoransky’s killed companions - Astik Sukhumsky and Rafo Gyandzhinsky. The rumor about Dzhaniev’s death looked like a logical continuation of that year’s events. As the CrimeRussia found out, Lenkoransky managed to mislead almost all of the Russian news agencies. Lenokransky’s relatives publicly denied his death, but their words remained practically unnoticed. According to investigators, he spilled the information about his death to temporarily confuse the killers hunting for him, who wanted to avenge Ded Hasan.

Video from the site in Turkey where Rovshan Lenkoransky was assassinated:



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