Moldavian authorities expel Kazakh thief in law Lekha Semipalatinsky 

Moldavian authorities expel Kazakh thief in law Lekha Semipalatinsky
Aitkali Maimushev

According to law enforcement agencies, the mob arrived in Moldova to create a drug supply channel.

Moldova detained Kazakhstani thief in law Aitkali Maimushev, known in criminal circles as Lekha Semipalatinsky. On April 13, law enforcement officers searched the house where the 60-year-old mob had stayed. There were found 6000 dollars, 3 mobile phones, a tablet and several SIM-cards of various telecom operators.

It was established that Lekha Semipalatinsky arrived in Moldova to meet with representatives of the criminal world of Moldova and Transnistria. He intended to establish a channel for transfer of drugs from Kazakhstan to European countries through Moldova. Maimushev intended to invest money in a criminal organization.

After necessary requests to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the thief in law and his guard were deported from Moldova and declared undesirable persons for up to 15 years.

At the moment, a number of special events are being carried out to identify the people with whom Semipalatinsky was in contact.

Recall that in August 2017 Aitkali Maimushev was detained in Ukraine. In the course of the survey, the mob said that he "was on business trip, he ordered a book". After that, Lekha Semipalatinsky was deported from the country.



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