Mob Temo Sukhumsky deported from Ukraine

Mob Temo Sukhumsky deported from Ukraine
Temo Sukhumsky

He was detained on December 15 in Kiev.

Ukraine deported thief in law Temuri Gvasalia (Temo Sukhumsky). The deputy head of the National Police of Ukraine, Vyacheslav Abroskin, wrote on his Facebook.

"Another stateless tourist decided to leave our country, he did not like something," Abroskin commented. The mob, who was detained on December 15 in Kiev together with other members of the thieves' community, said that “he does not remember how he came to Ukraine and for what purpose.”

By the decision of the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky District Office of the Migration Service of Ukraine in the Kiev region (“a foreign or stateless person has to be expelled to the country of origin or a third country" dated 12/18/2018) Temuri Zurabovich is forcibly returned to the country of origin.

At the same time, he is prohibited from entering the territory of Ukraine for a period of 3 years.

As Abroskin previously wrote, the mob considers extradition to Georgia as the greatest threat, “because there is tough punishment for thieves in law.”

Note that Ukraine is actively fighting against the mobs. Two weeks ago, thief in law Nukri Dochia, better known as Nukri Galsky, was expelled from the country.



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