Mob summit attended by Ded Hasan’s grandson busted due to fight the day before 

Mob summit attended by Ded Hasan’s grandson busted due to fight the day before
Irakli Usoyan

The owner of the cafe, where crime lords had got into a fight the day before, called the police.

Participants in a mob summit in the Moscow region restaurant Dyushes were detained due to a fight they had had the day before in another establishment, REN TV reports. The crime lords were supposed to meet the men with whom they had had a conflict. 

The fight, due to which the crime lords were detained, took place in the cafe Time Out in Lyubertsi on July 13. Two groups of men had a falling-out. As a result, they had a fight on the street. Witnesses called the police, however, when they arrived, the conflict was already over. Later, the owner of the cafe filed a complaint against the lawbreakers for damaging his property and beating him. 

The next day, the crime lords arranged to meet with their opponents in the Dyushes restaurant. The police learned about the upcoming appointment. Siloviki disrupted the mob summit detaining 32 of its participants, including the grandson of Ded Hasan, Irakli Usoyan, who had come from Vienna a few weeks ago, as well as Russian champion in combat sambo Sakhib Mekhdiev and two MMA fighters. 

Administrative protocols have been drawn up against the detainees for disobedience to the police and public disorder. According to Baza, Irakli Usoyan has been arrested for 15 days for Petty Hooliganism.

Video: Ded Hasan’s grandson detained during mob summit



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