Mob Sasha Kushner regains Belarus 

Mob Sasha Kushner regains Belarus
Sasha Kushner is ready to fight Photo: The CrimeRussia

Alexander Kushnerov, known as Sasha Kushner, attempts to take control over the Republic of Belarus. The fact that he has serious intentions says the response that followed all his actions - the work of local law enforcement officers, who prevent all his undertakings, and the resistance of the criminal circles.

Mob Alexander Kushnerov (Sasha Kushner) who has been living in Turkey for the last few years suddenly returned to his homeland when he realized that power is forfeiting. In May, he was detained at a gathering in Minsk, when, together with his supporters, who were considered to be underbosses for the regions, he discussed the processes taking place in criminal circles. Well, the central theme was the appointment of a new underboss for Belarus. The fact is that the authority, nicknamed Schultz, who held this informal position earlier, was detained on May 4 in Mogilev together with an accomplice while buying methadone. The police also found a Kalashnikov assault rifle, cartridges, and an air pistol when inspecting the car belonging to him. Now a criminal case has been initiated against Schultz under Art. 328 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (Illicit Drug Trafficking), he was detained.

Александр Кушнеров

Alexander Kushnerov

The forerunner of all the events was the unexpected span at Belarusian prisons and colonies in October 2018. He mentioned Belarusian thieves in law, whom he does not consider as mobs, calling them inhuman. He mentioned Dmitry Galeev (Galei), Ruslan Lebedev (Lebed), Pavel Alekseevich (Pashtet), Alexander Gerasimovich (Mumu Slutsky) and Alexander Medvedev (Medvezhonok Gomelsky) who ignored the decision of the deceased mob Vladimir Biryukov (Volodya Birya) about Sasha Apuk. It all started around 2007 when Apuk allegedly found himself in a single cell with representatives of the lower caste in the Mogilev SIZO. After that, Birya ordered everyone to deal with an inferior being. However, when Apuk was imprisoned in the Grodno prison, the authorities who were doing time there him as equal. So the Belarusian criminal world broke up.

Владимир Бирюков (в центре)

Vladimir Biryukov (center)

Nevertheless, Sasha Kushner seems to be addressing both parties:

“By virtue of the human understanding that humanity is not an insubstantial and invincible, from today’s date of 10.27.2018, you are all given a total expense. Please, start living from scratch, keep the purity of our life, be worthy and unshakable before the enemies of our life! ” 

One of the meanings of the word expense means “ending the quarrel.” In other words, the mob calls for unity.

Олег Слуцкий

Oleg Slutsky (Mumu)

Also, the thief in law gives several instructions: “Listen to both sides without making quick decisions, because nothing can be more important than a person’s fate. Be prudent in all things; remember that the mind is power!”

Most likely, it was just a way to provoke a new war.

Of course, Kushner does not concern about Biryukov and Apuka. He devotes his enemies — Galei, Lebed, Pashtet, Mumu and Medvezhonok, and reminds to the others about the authority of Birya.


Pavel Alekseevich (Pashtet)

However, the hostility of the Belarusian thieves origins from their coronation, which was the result of the widespread opposition of clan Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan) and Tariel Oniani (Taro). At some point, the parties built up their strength by accepting new people into the family, and in May 2011 Usoyan and other representatives of his clan in Moscow, along with Tsirkach, Gilani Sedoy, Shamil Smolyansky, and Armen Khokhol were crowned together with Sasha Kushner.

After a few days Badri Kutaissky, who did not agree with such an opportunistic coronation, called on a gathering at which he deprived Ded Hasan's godparents of the crown for which he paid the price. Six months later, Kushner became the thief in law again.


Dmitry Galeev (Galei)

The last time he was deprived of the crown in 2015 by Shakro Molodoy, not because of any personal claims.

At the end of 2012, the clan of Taro held a great gathering in Dubai in response to the Usoyan's coronation, so Mumu, Pashtet, Lebed and Medvezhonok gained the title again.

However, they suffered the same fate as their opponents - after only a couple of months, Lebed and Pashtet were debunked. Even earlier, in 2008, Ded Hasan and Yaponchik ceased the status of crowned in 1998 Dmitry Galeev (Galei). Mumu lost the title in absentia at the meeting held in Turkey in 2015.

At the same time, in addition to their uncertain position in the criminal world, Galei, Pashtet, and Medvezhonok are currently doing time. Mumu is under preventive supervision after his release, and Lebed is on the run.


Ruslan Lebedev (Lebed)

So Sasha Kushner opened a window of opportunity, and this is due to his attempts to influence the mandem in Belarus. 

Now it has come down to a common competitive struggle for control over the country. Moreover, there are no other opportunities to express themselves.

Five years ago, Gerasimovich attempted to gain power in Russia, but he did not succeed. Recall, after the death of the former underboss for the Sverdlovsk region, the nephew of Aslan Usoyan Temuri Mirzoev (Timur Sverdlovsky), many mobs and authorities rushed to the Urals willing to take the vacant place. Mumu represented the interests of Dzhemo and Merab Sukhumsky clan. However, shortly after his arrival, he was detained by Russian security forces on the Ekaterinburg-Kamensk-Uralsky highway and soon expelled from the country. 

In March 2017, Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev banned all Belarusian thieves in law from entering Russia for life, which cut off the routes for Kushnerov, who was close to the Slavic wing.

In 2016, Kushnerov moved to Turkey, where he became close to the supporters of influential Nadir Salifov (Guli), who finally returned his title. In 2017, after a long time in prison, Guli was released; he took away vegetable markets previously controlled by his enemy Rovshan Dzhaniev (Rovshan Lenkoransky) not only in Russia but also in Ukraine.

Саша Кушнер и Гули

Sasha Kushner and Guli

Guli had to move to the United Arab Emirates, and Kushner focused on his homeland, where he had to restrain the onslaught of law enforcement officers, who didn’t get used to fuss about thieves in law.

Now police cars are always on duty in the courtyard of Sasha Kushner's house, hinting about Art. 285 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (Creating a Criminal Organization or Participating In It), the evidence base for which was probably already collected. According to Rosbalt experts, only the threat of imminent war for the place of the chief thief of Belarus keeps security officials from arresting Kushnerov. 

On the other hand, the media put pressure on the mob. Recently it was reported that thief in law Rashad Ismailov (Rashad Ganja) came to Minsk solely to clarify the relationship with Kushner because he called him “not a thief.” It is difficult to say whether it is true or not, especially since both mobs are close to Guli. Well, now it is impossible since as far back as November of last year, Rashad Ganja was detained in a mansion near Minsk for illegal trafficking of weapons and drugs. In this case, a fake passport with which he crossed the border became a formal reason for his arrest. Now he is awaiting trial in one of the SIZO, where, according to information from unknown sources, he creates problems for Kushnerov's underbosses.

Рашад Гянджинский

Rashad Ismailov (Rashad Ganja)

It was also reported that Sasha Kushner no longer has any support among Russian thieves in law (perhaps because of his ties with Guli), and he is losing credibility of his comrades from Belarus. His support in the person of Shultz, Saltyn, Mihadyuk, Sharukhi, Nemets, Molosh, Doda, Barsa, Markel and others allegedly passed under Mumu or moved away from him. Those whom media see alongside Kushnerov, including new Belarus' underboss Bogdan, have nothing to do with the thievish world and do not affect the situation.

At the same time, Sasha Kushner still has someone to rely on in the local penitentiary institutions. In May 2018, Gela Kardava, one of the godfathers of Kushnerov, also got his first term for a fake passport. When he was detained, Kushner made a statement obliging prisoners to respect him. 

Kushner is a disappearing view now, one of the few who, before becoming the thief, has come a long way, He was deprived of status being imprisoned, and then again was able to regain it.

Гела Кардава (Гела)

Gela Kardava (Gela)

Born in 1966 in Gomel, Alexander Kushnerov began to engage in petty robbery and hooliganism, and 1984 received his first term - 8 years. Freed in the early 90s, he joined the gang founded by Sergey Morozov and was actively engaged in racketeering, patronizing local businesspeople. The group had the reputation of being one of the cruelest one. According to the official version, the gang committed 15 murders. 

All its participants - 50 people - were arrested. Kushner was convicted of two murders and other crimes of varying severity. In 1995, the Gomel Regional Court sentenced him to death, but six months later, the Supreme Court replaced the sentence with 15 years in prison. He should have been in jail until December 2009 but was released a little earlier, in December 2008, under an amnesty.

Саша Кушнер

Young Sasha Kushner

Sasha Kushner made the contacts necessary for further promotion in prison. At first, he became the cell underboss, then - in the whole prison. Subsequently, he managed to establish relations with thieves in law Vasily Khristoforov (Vasya Voskres) and Vladimir Zhurakovsky (Vova Pukhly). They introduced Kushner from Belarus to Ded Hasan. Kushnerov received the title, and the criminal patriarch got his reliable supporter in Belarus. The fact is that Alexander Timoshenko (Timokha) and Galei, who were more oriented towards Hasan’s opponents, Kutaisi-Sukhumi thieves gang headed by Taro and Merab Sukhumsky, headed the republic.

However, Sasha Kushner’s zeal was prevented by Russian law enforcement officers who detained him in the Moscow region with 3 grams of heroin a week after his coronation. In the fall of 2012, he was deported for violating the regime of stay, and upon arrival in Belarus, a criminal authority was accused of committing a crime under Art. 422 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (Evasion of Preventive Supervision) and got the maximum two years to the colony. 



After being released in 2014, Kushnerov was expected to take some active steps defending the thieves' interest in opposition to the ideological opponents in the face of the so-called Dubai four, crowned in 2012. But the Belarusian fighters against organized crime controlled almost every movement of Kushner. Therefore, Sasha Kushner left Belarus after the release.

What awaits him ahead? Whether he will get the term or leave with nothing or establish his order in the republic? In any case, despite all the circumstances, now the ball is on his side, and he gets the most advantageous position among the leaders of the Belarusian criminals.



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