Mob Ruben Kosyan to be released soon

Mob Ruben Kosyan to be released soon
Ruben Kosyan (Ruben Ivanovsky)

The thief in law does time for drugs.

On June 22, the term of thief in law Ruben Kosyan (Ruben Ivanovsky), who is the underboss for the Ivanovo region tails off. In August 2015, he was sentenced to 3 years' imprisonment by the Kuibyshev District Court of St. Petersburg.

A few months before, the kingpin had been detained with 30 grams of hashish, which is considered especially large scale and provides for imprisonment for up to 10 years. Nevertheless, the court took into account the poor health of Kosyan - tuberculosis and the absence of one lung.

By the way, according to the CrimeRussia, two of his high-ranking friends, a deputy of the city of Vichuga and a representative of the regional Armenian diaspora, came to court to support the kingpin on the day of announcement of the verdict.

According to some informed sources, his imprisonment is aligned with the attack on the representative of the Chechen Republic in the Ivanovo region Isa Edilsultanov, which occurred in late 2015. During the shooting at his Mercedes, he received a slight wound to his head but refused hospitalization. Edilsultanov could try to expand his influence in the Ivanovo region after the arrest of Ruben Ivanovsky, who did not like that.

Before that, thief in law Gleb Ashumov aka Gleb Ivanovsky was detained in Moscow. Crowned in the fall of 2013 at the Turkish gathering by Georgian thieves in law from the clan of Tariel Oniani and Merab Jangveladze, he had to become a rival of Kosyan in the region, but did not appear there because of fear of reprisal.



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