Mob Gela Tbilissky moves to Luhansk People's Republic 

Mob Gela Tbilissky moves to Luhansk People's Republic
Gela Tbilissky

Previously, he faced deportation to Georgia.

Thief in law Gela Dzhodzhua, better known as Gela Tbilissky, chose a restless Lugansk. Vyacheslav Abroskin, the First Deputy Head of the National Police, wrote on his Facebook page.

According to him, Gela Tbilissky finally "found himself a comfortable place to stay" after being released from the temporary residence of foreigners and stateless persons in Chernihiv, where he spent 1.5 years

On the territory of Ukraine, the mob controlled small gangs that are engaged in pickpocketing, carjacking.

Gela Tbilissky was detained three times and expelled from Ukraine for three years, but after a while, he returned. The last time he was arrested in Kiev in September 2017. The question of his expulsion to his homeland in Georgia, known for its harsh legislation about thieves in law, was resolved. However, every time the 53-year-old Georgian mob “got very sick.” The last time he simulated a mental disorder.

According to the First Deputy Head of the National Police, the majority of foreign criminals will follow Dzhodzhua's fate, reaching for Luhansk region, where everyone “will feel at home,” Abroskin wrote.

Earlier it was reported that the Donbass met thief in law Eduard Asatryan (Osetrina/Edik Tbilissky). He still preferred to spend most of his time in Moscow.



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