Mob Dato Tbilissky deported from Russia to Ukraine

Mob Dato Tbilissky deported from Russia to Ukraine
Dato Tbilissky

It is unknown how he makes his bread.

Mob of Georgian origin David Sharabadze (Sharabidze) aka Dato Tbilissky is deported from Russia to Ukraine.

The former thief in law has been recently living in the Krasnodar Territory, but he does not specify his activity. The latest news about Dato Tbilissky dated 2014. Then he was detained in the Moscow region with 3.89 grams of heroin and a traumatic pistol without a number. He was arrested, but his further fate was not reported.

The repeatedly convicted native of Tbilisi, David Sharabidze, was crowned in Georgia in 1993 by thief in law Datiko Tsikhelashvili aka Dato Tashkentsky. However, during the first term, Sharabidze was not recognized as a 'thief' and did time as an ordinary prisoner.

Now, Sharabidze hopes to recover his thievish rights and is actively working out this sphere.

It is possible that the name of Dato Tbilissky will soon appear in the criminal chronicle of the National Police of Ukraine.



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