Mob Ando Khromoi shot dead in Yerevan

Mob Ando Khromoi shot dead in Yerevan
Ando Khromoi

Previously, he was detained for drugs.

Last night, thief in law Andranik Harutyunyan, known as Ando Khromoi, or Masivtsi Andik (Andik from Massiv) was killed in Armenia.

According to Sputnik Armenia, an unknown person shot from a firearm at 45-year-old Harutyunyan in one of the districts of Yerevan on Mikoyana Street, after which he disappeared. According to some reports, the murder occurred near the mob's house.

Passersby called an ambulance, but they did not have time to get him to the hospital - he died from wounds received.

Now the police and the Investigation Committee of Armenia are working at the spot.

A year ago, Ando Khromoi was detained during a total check of all thieves in law living in Armenia. He was charged with storing drugs together with Alexander Makaryan (Alo). Security forces discovered plastic containers with methadone.

In 2016, Ando Khromoi was detained in Moscow. The reason for this was his illegal stay in the territory of the Russian Federation. Six months before this, the court decided that Harutyunyan had to leave the country, but he disobeyed and remained.

Some time ago, Ando Khromoi was in conflict with thieves in law as Zap Lenkaransky, Pasha Tha Suro Lenkaransky, Artem Lenkaransky and Koba Rustavi.conflicted



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