Might-have-been mafia enforcer Pasha Besheny and two more Novosibirsk crime bosses to answer for racketeering in court 

Might-have-been mafia enforcer Pasha Besheny and two more Novosibirsk crime bosses to answer for racketeering in court
Pasha Besheny Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

The investigation of the case against members of the criminal gang has been completed.

Novosibirsk investigators sent a criminal case of a group of criminal bosses, which was led by Pavel Brusentsev, known in the criminal world as Pasha Besheny, to court.

Three previously convicted leaders of the criminal group aged 34 to 52 years old are accused of racketeering and extortion. The crime lords were detained back in October 2017.

In particular, they forced to return a debt in the amount of 83 thousand rubles ($1.2 thousand), applying physical force to a resident of Novosibirsk. As a result, the man was hospitalized with severe injuries. In addition, in September 2017, one of the detainees, threatening with reprisal, demanded 100 thousand rubles ($1.5 thousand) from another local entrepreneur.

For the time of the investigation, all three defendants were taken into custody. They are charged with extortion, and the article provides for up to four years in prison and a large fine. The case will be considered by Leninsky District Court.


According to unofficial information, dozens of Novosibirsk businesspeople became victims of the gang of Pasha Besheny, but most were afraid to go to the police.

  Previously, the accused were convicted of robbery, hooliganism, insults to the authorities, extortion. When conducting searches in the places of residence of crime bosses, the police found a traumatic pistol with no numbers and ammunition for it, about 200 thousand rubles ($3 thousand), 14 mobile phones, 12 SIM-cards, 69 IOUs, 12 rental contracts, notebooks and diaries with records that are illustrative of the illegal activities of the defendants.

Pasha Besheny churned out racketeering, sources in the law enforcement agencies in the region say. Earlier it was reported that the crime lord has become one of the main candidates for the post of mafia enforcer for Novosibirsk. His future was discussed at a gathering attended by Georgian thieves in law Kakha Galsky and Gudzha Kutaissky.



The predecessor of Besheny, thief in law Yevgeny Antipov (Antip), was arrested for brutally beating a prisoner of the detention center. Antip received 9 and a half years of imprisonment in a colony of strict regime.



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