Miami mansion of crime boss Al Capone put up for sale  

Miami mansion of crime boss Al Capone put up for sale
Al Capone Photo: The Daily Mail

The house is located on the high-class Palm Island.

Al Capone’s mansion in Miami is for sale again. The estate, once owned by the famous gangster, was estimated at 15 million dollars. It was this house where all the preparations for the gang’s bloodiest attack on 1929 Valentine's Day were made.

The house is located on the high-class Palm Island in Miami. Musician Lenny Kravitz and basketball player Shakil O'Neill live in the neighborhood. Al Capone bought the four-bedroom mansion in 1928 for 40.000 dollars right after he got out of the Alcatraz prison. The 29-year-old mobster surrounded his villa with a 2-meter-high fence with searchlights, built a guesthouse and a coral grotto nearby. There is also a private beach with magnificent views of Miami and Biscayne Bay on the premises, according to The Daily Mail.

The mansion has Art Deco interior. The house was reconstructed in 2015, but many original elements of its decoration were kept. As reported by Mansion Global, the company that owns the house rents it out for photo-shoots and parties. Al Capone’s house can also be rented for an office event.

The property covers 2800 sq. meters. The villa and the guesthouse have a total of seven bedrooms and five bathrooms, and the total living area is 567 sq. meters. There is a swimming pool, which is considered to be the largest private pond in Florida. Before the estate was reconstructed, it was connected to the sea and got filled with seawater along with fish and seaweed, whereas now only fresh water is used to fill the reservoir.

Al Capone used the mansion for recreation and big parties, whenever he came there from Chicago, where the gang’s main headquarters was. America’s most legendary gangster loved the place as it reminded him of the "sunny Italian coast." It is noteworthy that, despite his origin, Capone had never been to the country.


It was in that estate where the bloodiest massacre of the rival North Side gang was planned, to be later realized in Chicago. The gangsters dressed in police uniform publicly shot dead seven Mafiosi, which gave Al Capone the title of "Public enemy number one in the United States."


The mobster was convicted of tax evasion in 1931. He was put into Alcatraz prison again, and got out 6.5 years later being a sick and broken man. The crime leader was suffering from syphilis and dementia and died after a stroke in his bedroom on January 25, 1947. He was only 48 years old. 5 years later, the wife of the deceased sold the property.

Last time media reported that Al Capone’s Miami mansion was put up for sale was in 2013. It cost $7.4 million then.

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