MIA awaits division of Azerbaijani ‘thieves-in-law conglomerate’ in 2017

MIA awaits division of Azerbaijani ‘thieves-in-law conglomerate’ in 2017
Lotu Guli and Vagif Bakinsky

In 2017, fighters against organized crime expect serious problems on the part of representatives of Azerbaijani criminal clans.

A division is possible in the powerful conglomerate of thieves-in-law clans formed in autumn by Nadir Salifov (Lotu Guli), Vagif Suleymanov (Vagif Bakinsky), and Rashad Ismailov (Rashad Gyandzhinsky), which has recently claimed responsibility for the assassination of Rovshan Dzhaniev (Lenkoransky) amongst the criminal class. This was reported by Rosbalt’s sources in the law enforcement bodies.

The clans of Suleymanov, Salifov, and Ismailov, who had united on the grounds of the war against the crime boss Rovshan Dzhaniev, have promptly taken down the wholesale market of greenery and other Azerbaijani business in the Russian capital.

“One day Lotu Guli is friend and ally, and the next day he suddenly becomes your worst enemy, coming after you. Such cases are plenty,” says the Rosbalt’s source in the law enforcement bodies.

Suleymanov and Ismailov, whose temperament sharply differs from that of Salifov, realize this. Therefore, the alliance that formed in 2017 will certainly be destroyed. And that is when the war between former allies will set off, according to the source.

Let us recall that a few days ago, Rashad Ismailov openly declared to the criminal environment his responsibility for the elimination of Rovshan Dzhaniev in Istanbul, attributing the murder to avenging the death of the ‘Greens king’, his close friend Dzhambulat Shamil oglu, shot by Dzhaniev’s men.



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