Members of thief in law Guli’s clan detained for robbery in Georgia

Members of thief in law Guli’s clan detained for robbery in Georgia
Nadir Salifov

Two of the detainees are citizens of Azerbaijan. Three of their accomplices, citizens of Georgia, are currently being wanted. According to the Georgian MIA, two of them are thieves in law.

The Georgian police has detained two participants of the robbery on two residents of the Imereti region hot on the trail, Gruziya Online reports.

According to the Georgian MIA, cited by the publication, both detainees are citizens of Azerbaijan born in 1988 and 1973. According to preliminary information, the detainees are active members of the crime group of influential Azarbaijan thief in law Nadir Salifov aka Guli.

The armed attack on two local residents was committed on Friday December 1 on the route Tbilisi-Batumi in the village of Sakasriya, Kharagauli district. There were five offenders. After attacking businessmen who were traveling to Batumi on a BMW and threatening them with violence, the attackers took away their personal belongings, mobile phones, and 140 thousand dollars, and then fled the scene.

A criminal case has been initiated in accordance with item “b” part 2 and item “c” part 3 of Art. 179 of the Georgian Criminal Code.

As a result of operative measures, the law enforcers detained two of the attackers – Azarbaijani citizens – the following day in Broliskedi village. A part of the stolen amount, $90 thousand, was seized from the detainees during a search.

According to the MIA, the police has identified all five detainees. At the moment, Georgian law enforcers are looking for three more of them, citizens of Georgia. According to APA agency, two of the wanted criminal are thieves in law. A complex of operational activities and investigative measures is carried out to detain them.

To recall, Nadir Salifov, who has been recently released, is currently in Turkey. In early November, the country’s police prevented an attempt against him arranged by representatives of thief in law Rovshan Lenkoransky’s clan, the leader of which had been shot a year ago in Istanbul. Lenkoransky’s brother Namik Dzhaniev had been preparing the attempt on Guli and his associates along with members of the Turkish OCG Şirinler. It is notable that despite the long prison term, which Guli had served in Azerbaijan, he still has a huge influence on the criminal world of Russia and the countries of the post-Soviet space, including Georgia and Azerbaijan. A number of sources calls Nadir Salifov one of the claimants to the throne of ‘thief in law No.1’, which has been vacant since the arrest of Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) in 2016.



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