Member of Pichugin’s gang charged under three articles

Member of Pichugin’s gang charged under three articles
Photo: Yuri “Pichuga” Pichugin

Makhach Avizov was detained in Moscow. For more than a year, he was on the international wanted list.

Makhach Azizov, who used to be a member of Yuri Pichugin’s organized criminal group and was detained in Moscow, was charged under three articles, including murder. TASS reported on this on Thursday referring to the Investigative Directorate of Russian Investigative Committee for the Komi Republic.

As previously reported, Azizov, one of the members of Yuri Pichugin’s organized criminal group responsible for murders and extortion from businessmen, was detained in Moscow. Azizov was on the international wanted list and in February 2017, at the request of the investigation, the court ruled out on taking him into custody in absentia. The suspect was taken to Syktyvkar.

 “He (Azizov – TASS) was charged under three additional articles of the Russian Criminal Code: creation of a criminal community (criminal organisation) and participation therein (Art. 210 of the Criminal Code), banditry (Art.209 of the Criminal Code), and murder (Art. 105 of the Criminal Code),” Svetlana Korovchenko, the Senior Assistant to the Head of the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee for the Komi Republic, informed TASS.

The OCG leader Pichugin and 16 members of the gang were arrested; another accomplice, Viktor Karpov, is on the wanted list. The defendants are charged with the creation of a criminal community, creation of a gang, six episodes of illegal arms trafficking, two episodes of extortion and four murders.

According to the investigators, in 1994, Pichugin created a criminal group in Komi and recruited a number of people from among the athletes and those who had previously served in the special forces of the armed forces and law enforcement bodies. The investigators believe that since the late 1990s, Pichugin has introduced uniform standards for all members of the group, a system of sanctions for violations, as well as rules of security and conspiracy.

Makhach Azizov was the gang’s mastermind behind economic crimes, Karpov was involved in the field of theft of natural resources. Efendiyev, Isaev, and Abubakarov provided security for the members of the criminal organization in the event of various conflicts with competitors. Efendiyev and Isaev were also responsible for the stashes with weapons. Soldatov carried out separate assignments, supported the members of the group, who were held in places of deprivation of liberty.

From 2003 to 2006, the gang began to invest the money received through the criminal activity in legal businesses: public catering, leisure, and services, passenger transportation, logging. Earlier, during searches conducted with the operational support of officers of the regional FSB departments and MIA, weapons caches were found and seized.



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