Massacre of thieves in law in Yerevan

Massacre of thieves in law in Yerevan
Zap surrounded by lawyers

Two group of thieves in law found themselves on different sides of barricades.

It became known consequences of occurred in a thieves' world split, about which the CrimeRussia reported recently. The Armenian authorities decided to get rid of thieves in law of Armenian origin for the first time in 10 years, as sources said, because of the reluctance to pay to their last great patrons for loyalty.

It turned out that on all sides there were two groups of thieves in law. On the one side there are Alexander Makaryan, known as Alo, Norayr Piloyan with criminal nickname Koncho, on the other - Andrik Soghoyan (Zap), as well as Gevorik Oshakansky and Suro. Earlier, a group of Zap was asked to grasp with local opposition, which attempted to capture the police station. Now, they are kept in the same prison, where some Armenian thieves in law are serving sentence. Among the authoritative inmates there are called Raphael Hoetsyan (Afo) and Samvel Harutyunyan (Samo), focused on Alo and Koncho. Zap was asked to return the payback. He was going to do, but his desire was not shared by Afo and Samo, who could reach out the rebels. Next the deportation of Alo and Koncho sources tend to associate with the unfulfilled request.

Created split in the thieves' world, according to some information, was accompanied by beatings and even decrowned of another Yerevan thief in law, who also refused to play politics,  Zhirayr Brutyan known as Giro. On the eve the edition Armenian News found out that there was a demolition between thieves on Severnoe Avenue in Yerevan on the night of August 4. Zap, Suro and Georgian Koba unleashed their anger on the Giro. It is not known how would have ended the fight, if a police car did not appear in time.

According to the publication, thieves in law escaped, when they saw the patrol car with a flashing lights.



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