Mancho Zugdidsky collared in Kiev: "I'm a tramp, I know myself as a thief" 

Mancho Zugdidsky collared in Kiev: "I'm a tramp, I know myself as a thief"
Mancho Zugdidsky and Valera Sukhumsky

Security Service of Ukraine is convinced that the thief in law came to Kiev to meet with local criminals.

The Security Service of Ukraine has detained another thief in law: this time, Manuchar Gasviani, in the criminal world known as Mancho Zugdidsky. They collared the thief in Kiev, although he had lived in Odessa for the last 3 years, and arrived in the capital "on business". The "business" in question was "redistribution of spheres of influence with the local criminals", according to the Security Service of Ukraine. When talking to a Security Service representative on camera, the mafia boss said he was "a tramp" and "knew himself as a thief."

The video also shows the law enforcement officers escorting the detainee to the airport, from where he took the next flight, it appears.

There is very little information about Mancho Zugdidsky: the fact that he was born in Georgia and spent some time in the Crimea in 2013. We do not know which one of thieves in law thief-crowned Gasviani, but a publicly available photo proves that Valera Sukhumsky, who died in July 2016 from a heart attack, had something to do with it.

Video: Thief in law Mancho Zugdidsky collared in Kiev



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