Man involved in attack on thief in law murdered in St. Petersburg 

Man involved in attack on thief in law murdered in St. Petersburg
Rafik Eyvazov

Also, there are suspicions that the man found dead in Russia’s northern capital had been involved in the murder of Rovshan Lenkoransky.

One of Nadir Salifov (Guli)’s men was killed in St. Petersburg. The 42-year-old Azerbaijani citizen Jabir Gasanov was shot on April 28 near the entrance into building No. 148 on Leninsky Prospekt. Eyewitnesses told the law enforcement agencies that the gunmen had disappeared in a dark-colored Infiniti with a damaged bumper. Gasanov received gunshot wounds to his head and stomach and died on the spot.

We should add that the deceased had been involved in December 2016 bloody attack on thief in law Rafik Eyvazov (Rafik Masallinsky), when the mafia boss was brutally beaten and his ear was cut off. The attackers videotaped the whole thing. According to reports, the St. Petersburg murder was revenge, and Rafik Masallinsky will continue to get rid of his abusers. The thief in law publicly vowed to find and take revenge on each of the seven men who had attacked him.

Besides, Jabir Gasanov could have been involved in August 2016 murder of mafia boss Rovshan Djaniev (Rovshan Lenkoransky) in Istanbul. Gasanov was in Turkey at that time. As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the likely paymaster of Lenkoransky’s murder Rashad Ganjinsky had joined the criminal clan of Vagif Suleymanov (Vagif Bakinsky) in the summer. The latter formed a mafia conglomerate with Nadir Salifov (Guli)’s clan after the thief was murdered in August.


As far as we know, the war between Rafik Masallynsky’s clan and Guli’s clan was declared after the former had a meeting in Istanbul with Rovshan Lenkoransky’s cousin in early December 2016 and agreed for some amount of money to reveal the whereabouts of Guli’s siblings, one of whom is a crowned thief. Soon Guli was informed about that, and then Eyvazov was attacked and lost his ear. Already on January 10, 2017, there was a mass skirmish between the clans in Baku involving about 20 people. What had happened to Rafik Masallinsky is believed to have triggered the armed squabbles. Forensics found shooting cartridges at the scene.


Rafik Masallynsky was crowned in 2012 with the blessing of Azerbaijani thief in law Alibala Gamidov named Godzha, who was killed in Turkey in the summer of 2013. Some claim that Eyvazov was thief-crowned on condition that he intentionally gets into prison to challenge there the influence of Guli, who has been in prison since 1995.



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