Maksakova reveals that Tyurik phoned her after Voronenkov murder

Maksakova reveals that Tyurik phoned her after Voronenkov murder
Maria Maksakova, Vladimir Tyurin

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office believes that the Russian thief in law was the one who masterminded the murder of his wife's new spouse for personal reasons. Voronenkov’s widow Maria Maksakova believed the version was proven, although she did not think Vladimir Tyurin could have had a "personal motive".

The widow of the former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov, who was shot dead downtown Kiev in March 2017, said that it had never even crossed her mind that her former boyfriend could be involved in the crime.

Maria Maksakova gave an interview to Ukrainian journalists commenting on yesterday's statement of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, who had named the paymaster of Voronenkov murder: thief in law Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik). The criminal lived with Maksakova as her partner for eight years and they have two children in common.

The woman revealed that her former common-law husband phoned her some time after the incident.

According to her, despite the communication between her ex-spouse and her was usually conflict-ridden, at that moment the entrepreneur’s empathy seemed sincere to her.

"He was terribly sorry. It was he who called me. At that time, it would never even cross my mind that he was somehow involved in this," she said.

We should remind that Maria Maksakova had first expressed doubts that the version put forward by the Prosecutor General's Office was plausible, but then she fully agreed with the investigation, considering it proven. The Investigative Committee of Russia does not rule out the version that the former deputy was murdered on Tyurin’s orders either, according to Rosbalt. They are conducting their own investigation.



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