Major 90’s Trans-Baikal kingpins on single postcard

Major 90’s Trans-Baikal kingpins on single postcard
United colors of Trans-Baikal criminal world Photo: Vechorka

Such criminal leaders of Transbaikalia as Vedera and Dryunya are not on the photo, but other major kingpins of those times are present nontheless.

Vechorka media outlet has obtained an almost legendary photograph. This black-and-white pictures takes us back to Russia’s criminal 90’s, and depicts the different colors of Transbaikalia criminal world. Such leaders as Vedera and Dryunya are not on the photo, but other major kingpins of those times are present nonetheless.

The top row (right to left) consists of the notorious Misha Bandey, Slava Chitinsky (of Chita), Sasha Pavlukha, and Kolya Borisena. The two sitting on the bottom row are Kolych and Sadyk

Vechorka also reported about the fates of these friends and colleagues in crime.

Mikhail Bandeev, crowned thief Takhi’s minion, is almost the only person still faithful to his boss. In his ‘best‘ times he worked with Ilshat Ivanov (Sadyk), who, in turn, obeyed Takhi. In Sadyk’s brigade, Bandeev was a ‘think tank‘ who controlled and solved issues of the jade business in Buryatia, Irkutsk, Chita, and China. Once Takhi faced a long prison term, he seized all activity and has not been noted in any significant event in the region.

Next to Bandey we have Vyacheslav Ivanov, nicknamed Slava Chitinsky, who was killed in the middle of 2000s in Chita by leader of the Metsenatovskaya gang, Vedera and Okhotnik (Hunter).

A hand on Slava Chitinsky’s shoulder belongs to Takhi’s minion, ex-mafia enforcer for Buryatia, Alexander Pavlov (Sasha Pavlukha). He managed to survive the bloody 90s and is currently living in Moscow, according to Vechorka.

Far to the left, with Sasha Pavlukha’s hand on his shoulder, is the notorious ‘black realtor‘ Nikolay Borisenko (Kolya Borisena). He was sentenced for 24 years for the murder of elderly women — the owners of apartments that Borisenko subsequently sold. Vechorka notes that his bloody crimes are still being investigated.

There is one more Takhi’s bandit on the photo. His name is Andrey Kolychev, nicknamed Kolych, found at far left. He was a defendant in a whole variety of criminal cases, Vechorka reports. It was his testimony that could contribute to the decision to arrest Takhi’s gang elite members.

To the right of him we can see the notorious Ulan-Ude mobster Ilshan Ivanov, nicknamed Sadyk, who was a regular guest in the CrimeRussia’s materials. As previously reported by our source, Sadyk had been the one who ordered the murder of a major Trans-Baikal kingpin Vladimir Vlasko.



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