Main lobbyist of Merab Sukhumi's interests was tried to kill three times in Krasnodar

Main lobbyist of Merab Sukhumi's interests was tried to kill three times in Krasnodar
Mindia Gulua, it seems, was born in a shirt

Georgian billionaire Mindia Gulua miraculously survived after the third attempted murder⁠

The fact, that in Krasnodar it was made another attempt to murder a prominent businessman, became known in the evening on August 23, but main, curious details of the incident came to light later.

Recall that an attempted murder on Gulua happened on Chekistov Avenue in Jubeleinyi district in Krasnodar. Unknown shot a businessman and his  bodyguard, got into the car and fled. Later, investigators, who came to the place of the crime, found the car abandoned in a nearby yard and burned. According to some reports, in the transport there were weapons and ammunition, one of which detonated in a fire. The blast hit a passing man. Gulua, his guard, as well as a pedestrian, run over by a gang bullet, were hospitalized.

Informed sources have found to figure out this was the third failed attempt of interested parties to eliminate Mindia Gulua. According to information from open sources, Gulua is the founder of four companies - JSCo MAG Group of Companies, LLC KrasFM, LLC Borjomi Center and LLC MGL group. At the same time, it became known that he was actively lobbying the interests of the clan of Merab Jangveladze (Merab Sukhumi) in Krasnodar region, which includes David Dzhangidze, nicknamed Dato Krasnodarsky, and Tengiz Lakerbaia aka Tengo Sukhumsky. According to the source, Sukhumsky's clan confronts today with the group of arrested Shakro Molodoy. Its interests are represented by Dato Ozmanov, Ara Muradyan, known as Ara Armavirsky and Shalva Ozmanov, nicknamed Kuso.



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