Main Administration of Criminal Search gave General Colonel Mikhail Vanichkin’s regards to Petso

Main Administration of Criminal Search gave General Colonel Mikhail Vanichkin’s regards to Petso
Rezo Bukhnikashvili

Another thief in law got blacklisted.

Revaz Bukhnikashvili, known in the criminal world as Petso, will be forced to leave Russia after the expected release from the colony on parole. Thus, the news of the Georgian thief in law’s imminent release reached the MIA’s main office. Employees of the Main Administration of Criminal Search were promptly sent to the Kazan IK-2 (correctional camp No. 2), where Petso was serving his sentence. At a meeting with the latter, the police officers informed him of the decision of Deputy Minister of the Interior Affair of Russia, Colonel-General Mikhail Vanichkin, about the undesirability of the thief in law’s presence on the territory of the country. According to the operatives, Petso reacted to the news about the impending forced deportation with his usual coolness.

As we reported earlier, the influential and highly respected thief in law Revaz Bukhnikashvili may soon be released in connection with an incurable oncological disease. Petso’s lawyers have applied to the court with a request for his early release. The hearing is to be held on Thursday, June 8. According to a source, even the employees of the penal system highly assess his chances of release.

In 2015, Petso was sentenced to 22-year imprisonment for robbing a businessman's apartment in Moscow and encroaching on the lives of several police officers. In December 2014, the thief in law and three of his accomplices broke into the businessman’s apartment and tied the apartment owner, two women, and one man. However, upon hearing the noise, the neighbors called the police. The robbers opened fire on the police squad that had arrived.

As a result of the shooting, two criminals – Levan Khalatyan and Kamil Saidov (real name: Bakanidze) – were killed; the third criminal, Ivan Lebedev, was wounded. Two police officers were also injured. Thief in law Rezo Bukhnikashvili was the only one to get off with a whole skin. He and his surviving accomplice Lebedev were charged with burglary as part of a gang, encroachment on the lives of three police officers, negligent killing, and illegal arms trafficking.

The jury acquitted Lebedev of the charges of encroaching on the lives of policemen and the storage and transportation of firearms. As a result, Lebedev was sentenced to 14 years in colony. Bukhnikashvili received 22 years in a strict-security prison.

Let us recall that earlier, the MIA administration had ordered to issue a life-long ban on entering Russia to Bagrat Panstulay (Marat Sukhumsky), Shalva Avdoiyan (Shaliko Tbilissky), Gayko Nikogosyan (Ayko Karabakhsky), and Suliko Sharikadze. All Belorussian thieves in law had also been declared persona non grata.



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