Mafia boss Sasha Kushner who returned to Belarus detained at “gathering”

Mafia boss Sasha Kushner who returned to Belarus detained at “gathering”

The fact that Kushner moved to Turkey transpired in the spring of 2016.

Kingpin Alexander Kushnerov, better known in the criminal world as Sasha Kushner, who had left Belarus more than two years ago, was detained at a so-called criminal “gathering.” The mafia gathering which took place in one of the Minsk cafes was stopped by officers of the MIA’s Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption on May 14.

According to the press service of the MIA of the Republic of Belarus, apart from Kushner, his supporters, who are considered to be regional overlords, were present at the gathering.

During the meeting, the processes taking place in certain circles in the republic were discussed, and the topic of the appointment of a new overlord for the Republic of Belarus was also touched upon. Mafia boss under the nickname Schultz, who held this informal position, was detained on May 4 in Mogilev together with his accomplice while buying methadone. When inspecting a car belonging to him, a Kalashnikov machine gun, cartridges for it, and an air pistol were found. A criminal case under Article 328 CCB was initiated against Schultz, he was taken into custody.

As for Sasha Kushner, the fact of his departure transpired in the spring of 2016. Then it was reported that Kushner went to Turkey for permanent residence. Information about the kingpin’s relocation was confirmed by the head of the Belarussian MIA’s named directorate, Nikolay Karpenkov. To the question, what scared Kushnerov off, Karpenkov replied: “Nothing, we are doing our job, his preventive supervision has expired, and he was entitled to fly anywhere. 

It is to be recalled that Alexander Kushnerov was detained in November 2012 in Moscow and subsequently expelled from the country for violating the regime of stay of foreign citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation. Earlier in Belarus, criminal proceedings were instituted against him under Article 422 CCB (evasion from preventive supervision). In March 2013, he was convicted of evading preventive supervision and sentenced to 2 years of imprisonment in a penal colony. The sentence was a complete surprise for Kushnerov, since he expected to be released from the courtroom.



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