Mafia boss Nukri Galsky detained in Ukraine 

Mafia boss Nukri Galsky detained in Ukraine
Nukri Galsky

The kingpin left for Turkey.

Crime lord Nukri Dochiya, better known as Nukri Galsky, 32, who was deported from Ukraine in December 2018, was once again detained in this country. This time, the kingpin was detained in the Darnitskiy District. The Georgian criminal crossed the state border outside the checkpoint and intended to control the underworld of Kiev and the Kiev Region. 

According to law enforcement, earlier during his stay on the territory of Ukraine, Nukri Galsky tried to control the activities of wholesale markets and organized groups of apartment thieves. This time, according to the police, the kingpin’s mission was to organize “gatherings.” 

His daughter was detained and expelled to Turkey. The law enforcement agencies, together with the State Migration Service, have prepared documents on extending the period of prohibition of entry into Ukraine to five years.




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