Lukoil’s contractor from Pichugin’s gang tries to get out of detention

Lukoil’s contractor from Pichugin’s gang tries to get out of detention
The detained financiers from Pichugin’s gang Vyacheslav Guziev and Georgy Popov

The lawyers insist on the second medical examination of the businessman, who suffers from a number of serious cardiac diseases and has a potential stroke condition; he may face lethal outcome in the pre-trial detention facility.⁠

Director General of Tehnotrans Georgy Popov, charged with participation in the gang of Yuri Pichugin, seeks release from detention for health reasons. Back during the detention and subsequent arrest in March 2017, the lawyer pointed out that his client’s state caused serious concern. As a result, the investigator agreed to conduct a detailed medical examination of Popov, as Kommersant reports. The examination took 2 days to conduct; according to the lawyer, it was done superficially. A computer in the Syktyvkar cardiology center could not even detect the defibrillator implanted in Popov in 2016. The doctors did not pay due attention to other complaints of the client such as the numbness of the hands and feet and the temporary stop of breathing. 

As a result, Popov was sent back with a medical report that said he did not have illnesses that would hinder his detention in the pre-trial detention center. The North-West Center for Forensic Expertise expressed an opposite view. The center’s experts were driven by the medical report of the Military Medical Academy of St. Petersburg of 2013. In their opinion, Popov had diseases from the relevant list of illnesses contraindicative to detention approved by the government of the Russian Federation. 

The investigator refused to have Popov examined by a doctor for the second time, and the prosecutor supported him, as the arrestee’s lawyer reported. He is sure that there is a real threat to the life of Georgy Popov, and at any time, a fatal outcome may occur in the conditions of the remand center, which does not have cardiologists. 

To recall, Head of Lukoil’s contractor Georgy Popov had been charged with the participation in a criminal community (part 2 of Art. 210 of the Russian Criminal Code). The investigation believes that he was one of the financiers of the crime group. 

Popov denied these accusations at the trial on the election of a preventive measure. He said that he was familiar with only two of the dozen defendants in the criminal case. One of them is his childhood friend Vyacheslav Guziev, and the other is Makhach Azizov, to whom Tehnotrans used to lease a railroad bay for the export of scrap metal. They were both detained on the same suspicion as Popov. The latter believes that the criminal prosecution may be due to an attempt at the illegal capture of his business, as such attempts have already been undertaken. In Komi, Tehnotrans is responsible for serving Lukoil’s deposits and transporting fuel and lubrication materials as well as shift workers. In addition, Tehnotrans used to cooperate with subsidiaries of Gazprom and Bashneft. However, for some reason, Popov failed to mention that he and Guziev were also engaged in a joint business in the companies StroyTransServis and Tehnoservis, in which they were (or had been) co-founders in equal shares. Popov also owns an air transport company and a company for the extraction of construction and finishing materials; in the 1990's, he was the founder of Ring Sports Club in Usinsk.

Over the 5 months in custody, only three investigative activities were conducted with him. The defense believes that the investigation has no real evidence of the accused's involvement in the OCC activities. 

All detained members of Pichugin’s gang are currently under arrest; investigators collect evidence of their guilt. The group led by thief in law Yuri Pichugin (aka Pichuga) has been operating in Komi since the early 1990s. Read the CrimeRussia’s detailed review to learn more about its structure and activities. 



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