Longtime opponent of Yaponchik, Ded Khasan and Shakro Molodoy detained in Moscow

Longtime opponent of Yaponchik, Ded Khasan and Shakro Molodoy detained in Moscow
Ilya Simoniya (Makho)

Makho has not reported in the police since being released.

Officers of the MIA Main Administration of Criminal Search have detained 60-year-old thief in law Ilya Simoniya, known in the criminal circles as Makho. The law enforcers’ claims arose due to his evasion of administrative supervision. He served his last sentence in March 2017 for drug possession.

The confrontation between Makho and Yaponchik started back in the 80s, when both were serving their sentences in a Tulun colony (Irkutsk region). Later, the personal confrontation resulted in enmity between the "Georgian" and "Slavic" thieves' groups, represented by each of them. As a result, at the behest of Yaponchik, by the decision of such thieves in law as Ded Khasan and Shakro Molodoy, Simoniya lost his thief status. Thief in law Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik) spoke out against Makho as a representative of the Slavic group.

After Yaponchik was murdered in 2009, Simoniya became one of the suspects, but the operatives did not have enough evidence against him.

At the same time, Makho remains faithful to traditions and regularly visits prisons. Since being released, Simoniya has yet to pay a visit to the Federal Penitentiary Service's territorial body at the place of residence – the Ramensky district, Moscow region – for monthly reporting, which puts him at risk of a new case. He is currently under a written undertaking not to leave. 

According to the CrimeRussia's sources, Simoniya was crowned back in 1974, at age 16. His 'godfathers' were Petr Ilkov (Ilets) and Oleg Banin (Bandit).



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