Lom wanted to recapture Mikhail Krug from Sasha Sever: complete picture of singer’s murder 

Lom wanted to recapture Mikhail Krug from Sasha Sever: complete picture of singer’s murder
Sasha Sever, Mikhail Krug

Generally speaking, the singer died because of the desire of Alexander Kostenko to ensure that Krug was closer to him, and not to the thief in law Alexander Severov.

Details of one of the most high-profile murders in Russia became known. According to the source of Rosbalt, Mikhail Krug, the singer, died because of the desire of the Tver criminal authority Alexander Kostenko, known as Lom, to make Krug closer to him. At that time, the musician himself was close to the thief in law Alexander Severov, known as Sasha Sever. In addition to Alexander Ageev and Dmitry Veselov (Vesel), the third criminal also took part in the attack on the house of Krug. This man, like Vesel, has not survived to this day. Ageev pleaded guilty at the request of the members of the organized criminal group, and they were pressured by the investigators.

Recall, according to investigators, on the night of June 30 to July 1, 2002, the House of Krug in the village of Mamulino (this is a microdistrict in Tver) was attacked. In addition to the singer, there were five more people in the house – his wife Irina, mother-in-law and three children, including Mikhail’s son from first marriage, Dima, and Irina’s children – daughter Marina and son Sasha. 


Alexander Kostenko (Lom)

The bandits entered the third floor of the house between approximately 11:00 p.m. and 12:15 a.m., where they found the mother-in-law of Krug, and attacked and wounded her. Mikhail Krug and his wife, Irina, came running to the woman's screams. The criminals opened fire from pistols. Irina managed to hide at her neighbors, and Mikhail received two heavy gunshot wounds, after which he lost consciousness. After that, the criminals fled. Having regained consciousness, Krug managed to get to the house of Vadim Rusakov, neighbor, where his wife was hiding. Since the ambulance refused to come without police, a friend took him to the hospital, where Mikhail died. The ICR after the investigation claimed that there were two attackers.

Later, Alexander Osipov (Volk the younger) shot and killed former freestyle wrestler Dmitry Veselov. According to Volk, he avenged the reprisal of Krug. But the ICR believes that the crime has other motives.

According to the latest version of the investigation of Mikhail Krug, it was established that it was Vesel who was the person who fired two shots at the singer.

A source in the authorities said that in 2002 in the Tver region there were two powerful criminal forces: the first was thief in law Alexander Severov, the second was Alexander Kostenko (Lom), the leader of the Volk group. Krug communicated with both, but Sever was a close friend to him. With Lom, the artist did not have such close friendship. Lom was offended by this, since he considered himself "No. 1 man" in the mafia of the Tver Region, he periodically offered his protection to Krug, but he delicately refused. The last such proposal came during a joint pastime in the bathhouse on the eve of the attack.

According to Ageev, on June 30, 2002 he and Dmitry Veselov were invited to their place by the leader of the Volk gang Lom. He ordered them to rob Mikhail Krug's cottage in the evening. 


Alexander Ageev

“Take something from antiques, valuable. He will come running to me,” Ageev assures us that the task from the “boss” was just that. According to Lom’s calculations, the singer after the theft would go to Sever, he will not help him in any way, then he will turn to Lom. And he will return the singer his things - they say, found, and even punished thieves. In response, Krug will take the protection from Lom.

Having taken another member of the organized criminal group as a driver, the bandits went to the singer’s cottage, who, according to Lom, was not supposed to be at home. When they entered the cottage and began to look for valuables, after 5-10 minutes Krug with the family returned. Ageev had a mask with him, but Vesel did not take this attribute with him. The bandits hid on the top floor of the building, hoping to escape when everyone was asleep. But the mother-in-law of the singer got up there. They tried to tie her up, but the woman began to resist. Vesel took out a TT pistol with a silencer and hit her on the head with a grip, at that very moment Krug's wife Irina saw the bandits. The criminals rushed to the stairs, but the singer was already running along it. Ageev claims: if Krug stepped aside, everything would end without sacrifices. But the singer, who had drunk the day before, pounced on Veselov, who was holding a pistol in his hand. Vesel, previously professionally engaged in wrestling, tried to push Krug, but he was much heavier than the opponent. Veselov shot twice.

Ageev and Veselov informed Lom about what had happened, but he only ordered them to remain silent about what had happened, and he himself played the whole performance.

Kostenko took the photobots of the “left” criminals and announced to the members of the organized crime group: “So they killed Misha. The prize is from me to the one who finds and punishes them.”

But rumors about who was really involved in the killing of the singer spread quickly. All this caused an extremely nervous situation in the “Volk” group itself.

So, in 2003, many members of the Kostenko gang celebrated New Year in the Lazurny entertainment complex, there was also the widow of the singer Irina. Ageev asked common acquaintances to introduce him to the woman, and then talked with her almost all evening. He checked whether she recognized him as one of the attackers.

But soon Ageev was arrested on charges of a series of contract killings.

In March 2003, the closest associate of Lom, Alexander Osipov, arranged a showdown with Veselov in the forest, where he was shot dead. According to the version of Volk the younger, he wanted to get dirt on Lom from Vesel in order to hand over the leader of the organized criminal group to the police. And he unexpectedly confessed to the execution of Krug. Allegedly, Osipov did not previously know who killed the singer, was friends with him, so he could not stand it and shot Veselov. 

Alexander Osipov (Volk the younger)

Alexander Osipov (Volk the younger)

But ICR considers another version more plausible. Osipov himself proposed to Lom a plan with Krug. When there were rumors about the group’s involvement in the murder, Volk the younger decided to cover up the tracks, eliminating Vesel.

In addition, in the spring of 2003, his patron Sever learned about the involvement of members of the Lom’s organized criminal group in the attack on Krug. He sent a "penny" to the places of deprivation of liberty that Ageev is a murderer and he needs to be punished. In the pre-trial detention center, where the killer was kept, security measures were strengthened.

Meanwhile, Ageev was sitting with two religious radicals. They tried to "zombify" him on the topic of religion, and once Ageev could not stand it. He killed one, and made the other disabled for life. Ageev himself went to a new trial.

A sad fate was awaiting the driver who brought the bandits to the house of Krug. He and his father were found dead. Volk was shot dead in 2005, Lom in 2006. Alexander Osipov was arrested and sentenced to life for a series of contract killings.

Ageev had an iron clad alibi, the owner of a large Tver media, with whom he had close relations, vouched for him, because he once rescued her son.

Recently, investigators tried to finally write off the “case of Krug” in the archive as uncovered. But the prosecutor’s office insisted on the need for Ageev’s testimony. Detectives "pressed" on the former "Volks". Ageyev from the strictest and coldest colony – Polyarnaya Sova – wrote that he wants to admit to participating in the attack on Krug’s house. He was transported to the Tver region. Alexander Osipov was also brought there.

According to the source, Ageev is charged only with complicity in the theft. After his criminal prosecution will be terminated for the expiration of the statute of limitations. Then the case will be transferred to court, where it will either be terminated due to non-rehabilitating circumstances, for example, relatives will ask for it, or Vesel will be convicted posthumously.



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