Lecture of members of criminal world in village costs school’s principal 30 thousand rubles

Lecture of members of criminal world in village costs school’s principal 30 thousand rubles
The criminal explained the boys “what to do in life”

Local ‘crime lords’ delivered school students a lecture on sexuality.

Principal of Primorye school was sentenced to a 30 thousand rubles ($457) fine after locals with prior records had delivered the children a lecture on sexuality in the educational institution. Two of those three who had delivered the lecture had prior records, reports the media office of the Prosecutor-General’s Office of the Russian Federation.

“By order of the prosecutor, the principal of the school is going to be sentenced to a 30 thousand rubles ($457) for commission of an offence under item 1 of article 5.57 of the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation (Violation of the Right to Education and the Rights and Freedoms, Stipulated by Legislation of the Russian Federation in the Field of Education, of Pupils and Wards of Educational Organisations),” this is being reported by the Prosecutor-General’s Office.

The prosecutor made a submission to the school’s principal and the head of Mikhaylovsky municipal district.

The school’s principal, her deputy, and head of department of education of the district’s administration received a reprimand.

It had earlier became known that in a school in Primorye’s Mikhaylovsky district, local ‘crime lords’ delivered school students a lecture on sexuality. Parents learnt about the meeting of their children with the criminals from the school students, and then posted this story on Pikabu web site.

In eyewitnesses’ words, the criminals explained the boys “what is good to do in life” and “what’s going to happen to them in prison” if they have intimate relationships with each other.

“The school’s former principle and current head of the administration of the village had invited the local criminals (everyone knows them in here) to the school. The current school principal personally ran through all three floors of the school and gathered (pulling out of classes, without explaining anything to teachers) only boys, from the 5th to the 7th grades. The boys, whose parents teach at this school, were not taken. She was aided by deputy for educational work. All the children were gathered in the assembly hall. Of the adults were only the director, former director, physical education teacher. Well, there were also the invited bandits. The director introduced the invited people: mafia enforcer of our village, and the students are supposed be look up to them!” the report reads.

It is noted that the children were forbidden to tell their parents and teachers about the meeting, but the incident still became known.



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