Lawyers of code-bound thief Akhmed Sutuly report 275 thousand rubles seized in search missing

Lawyers of code-bound thief Akhmed Sutuly report 275 thousand rubles seized in search missing
Akhmed Evloev

The investigator report says that the code-bound thief gave the seized money to his lawyers.

According to Bloknot, the defense team of an Ingush code-bound thief Akhmed Evloev (aka Dulat Yolu, Akhmed Sutuly) convicted of drug possession reports that 275 thousand rubles ($4.1 thousand) that had been seized from him during the search are missing. Earlier, the code-bound thief accused the police officers of planting him the drugs.

Evloev-Yolu was detained in January 2017, at Moscow’s Chayhona Al-Halal restaurant. The Main Administration of Criminal Search of Russia’s MIA officers found a pack of spice on him during the search. This gave grounds for launching a criminal case against him under the relevant article (228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The 45-year-old code-bound thief spent a year in a remand prison in this case. During this period, the investigative authorities did not manage to present the criminal indictment and take the case to court. The code-bound thief was released due to the expiry of the maximum permissible period for remand in custody. However, the case was not closed.

In April 2018, before the trial began in the Moscow's Gagarinsky District Court, the code-bound thief was on the air of ˆ programme on Russia’s NTV tv-channel. He stated that the pack of spice that was the reason why he was detained in January 2017, was planted to him by police officers. Many facts supported this theory including the major differences in the testimonies of the operatives who detained him. One of the officers talked about a “routine check,” another one - about investigative activities; another one state there was a special-forces raid. The defense of the code-bound thief believes that the differences in the statements indicate the police officers’ illegal actions as to their client.

In August 2018, Evloev was detained again in Moscow region by officers of MIA’s Criminal Investigation Unit with the support of Grom special operations detachment. A sachet of heroin was found on him during the search. In court, while selecting preventive measures, Evloev-Yolu stated again that the drugs were planted to him by the officers. Moreover, 275 thousand rubles ($4.1 thousand) were found on him. Subsequently, this money disappeared. Krasnogorsk City Court arrested Evloev for two months, despite the fact that the lawyers noted that no document showing that the drugs were found on him during the search had been attached to the investigation’s request.

The investigator report in the case file says that the code-bound thief gave the seized money to his lawyers after the search on August 3. However, the lawyers claim that the next day, on August 4, another investigator stated that the seized money is going to be sent for expertise.

In 2009, Akhmed Sutuly who supported the clans of Merab Jangveladze (aka Merab Sukhumsky) and Tariel Oniani (aka Taro) was deprived of the ‘code-bound thief crown.’ Then, he was in Matrosskaya Tishina remand prison. Among the claims made by a group of code-bound thieves were suspicion of involvement in contract killings and cooperation with law enforcement.

In early 2017, when Evloev found himself in Butyrka prison, his code-bound thief status was supported by Sergey Asatryan (aka Osetrina-Jr., Serega Bentley) who was also there at the same time. Asatryan had spread a kite on Sutuly’s status. However, shortly after, Sutuly messed around again when he manhandled an enforcer Dato who had voiced Lasha Shushanashvili’s (aka Lasha Rustavsky) negative opinion on a code-bound thief Lasha Barateli. In April 2017, Sutuly was ‘uncrowned’ for a second time during a massive meeting of code-bound thieves of Lasha Shushanashvili’s in Greece. As for Osetrina-Jr. who had supported Sutuly’s step when the latter had manhandled Dato, he was ‘uncrowned,’ as well. Later, Asatryan justified his conduct by saying he was unaware of Sutuly’s status. 



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