Lawyer says that Turkish common fund is compliant to thieves’ rules

Lawyer says that Turkish common fund is compliant to thieves’ rules
Ivan Mironov and thief in law Kostyl

Ivan Mironov spoke about the main reason for moving the common fund abroad.

Lawyer, writer, and criminal specialist Ivan Mironov told reporters that, in his opinion, the main common fund of thieves will soon move to Turkey. He motivated his point of view by the fact that the common fund should be with the thief who is responsible for it.

“If the thief is responsible for the common fund, then it must be with the thief. The responsible person should have direct access to money and exercise control over the spending and safety of funds,” Mironov explained. He also pointed out that the storage of the fund in the territory of another country does not contradict thieves’ concepts.

In addition, it was reported that thief in law Gela Galsky (Gela Kardava) was involved in the decision to relocate the common fund. He has been recently amnestied in Belarus.

Previously, it became known that thief in law Guli (Nadir Salifov) used to cooperate with a freelance agent of the state security of Kazakhstan, Arman Diky. “State security helps him solve many issues; Turkey does not extradite him, and he freely crosses state borders. He gives shelter for ‘offended’ thieves so that they can at least temporarily hide in his house,” the sources said. 



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