Shakro Molodoy’s case: lawyer on policemen’s negligence and abuse of powers

Shakro Molodoy’s case: lawyer on policemen’s negligence and abuse of powers
Eduard Budantsev

Eduard Budantsev declared in court that the law enforcement officers had a real opportunity to prevent the firefight, but they did not do it.

The former employee of KGB USSR and Regional Directorate for Combating Organized Crime, lawyer Eduard Budantsev made testimonies in court against three employees of the Office of Internal Affairs Presnensky, accusing them of inaction during a fight with firing at Elements cafe on Rochdelskaya Street.

By the way, Budantsev is accused of murder of two people of Zakhar Kalashov – thief in law Shakro Molodoy (Shakro the Young), who participated in the fight. Nevertheless, in the case of negligence of law enforcement officers Budantsev passes as the victim - during the fight at café his jaw was broken, he received brain concussion. According to the lawyer, law enforcement officers “had a real opportunity” to interfere with the conflict and to prevent approach of heavy consequences, however they did not do it.

According to Budantsev, he arrived on Rodchelskaya after a call of his client and the owner of Elements restaurant Zhanna Kim. According to the last, several armed people came to her and threatening with punishment, demanded to satisfy a debt of 8 million rubles to designer Fatima Misikova who performed works on dressing of the premises of the restaurant earlier.

After the lawyer arrived to the place, Andrey Kochuykov (criminal leader known as Italiyanets (Italian) — The CrimeRussia’s note) joined the armed group of 14 people. He was accompanied by three armed security guards.

“Kochuykov went to the VIP-room of the restaurant and started a discussion with Kim concerning the pay back. In whole my life I have not ever seen people accompanying a person in a restaurant holding a hand on a gun. It was demonstration of force”, the former police officer noted.

In turn Zhanna Kim declared that she called 02 five or even ten times, however the group of immediate reaction which arrived on a call did not undertake any measures. According to the lawyer, the conflict looked like “extortion, pressure from an unidentified group of persons”. Budantsev emphasized that the criminals just wanted to “siphon off the restaurant”.

To recall, three law enforcement authorities are also on a dock. These are the acting as chief of criminal investigation department of the Office of Internal Affairs Presnensky Denis Romashkin, field investigator Ildar Shakirov and district police officer Rinat Zinnatulin. They are accused of Abuse of Official Powers, which entailed heavy consequences (part 3 of Art. 285 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The defendants may face up to ten years of imprisonment.



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