Law enforcers set out to searches of ‘thieves’ pooled cash fund’ following arrest of Shishkan

Law enforcers set out to searches of ‘thieves’ pooled cash fund’ following arrest of Shishkan

Now, criminal generals are working on transferring their treasury abroad.

Arrest of a ‘thief in law’ Oleg Shishkanov (aka Shishkan) who is called Medvedev in court (he took this last name a few years ago) shook up mafia circles. First, they found confirmation of validity of a new anti-‘thieves’ law and are now speculating who’s going to be next. Natives of Georgia are especially concerned about their destiny at the background of deterioration of relations between Russia and Georgia.

Secondly, the ‘pooled cash fund’ remained unattended. Its first holder Zakhary Kalashev (aka Shakro Molodoy) was arrested a while ago; now its another holder Shishkan has been arrested. It’s worth mentioning arrest of Kakha Parpalia (aka Kakha Galsky) who had a lot in common with forming the treasury, as well. It looks like anyone who goes after being a holder of the ‘pooled cash fund’ falls under his forthcoming arrest. With that, there are risks to lose the ‘fund’ itself. According to Rosbalt, law enforcers did not manage to find it during the arrest of Shishkan.

Nevertheless, the ‘thieves’ started working on transferring their treasury to a secure country - for instance, Turkey. The holder is going to be there, as well. This system is used towards local ‘funds’. With that, the ‘pooled cash fund’ that backed the Moscow region-based colonies has been abroad for a long time. Its holder - Shakro’s relative and a ‘thief in law’ Revaz Kakhmazov (aka Rezo Lotkinsky) - decided to move abroad long ago and did the right thing: in May, this year, he was put on an international wanted list.

The destiny of the mafia’s number one ‘fund’ is likely to be discussed during a ‘convention’ that is expected to take place outside Russia. Shishkan was chosen Shakro’s substitute a year ago in Moscow, as Shakro had been sentenced to almost 10 years behind bars. He could have been detained in autumn, 2015. Then, a major operation related to an investigation into disappearance of a Moscow region’s deputy Tatiana Sidorova and 3 members of her family was carried out by forces of the Main Administration of Criminal Search of Russia’s MIA, Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Moscow region, and the Russian Special Police Force. 2 helicopters were used to observe an area near a cottage of the ‘thief in law’ in Ramensky district. Despite the fact that there was information that Shishkan was at home, fighters of the Special Police Force rushed into his place but did not find him there: the ‘thief’ managed to flee before they had arrived. After that, Shishkan was put on a wanted list. However, later, it was found out that he returned to Russia and lived here freely. Why law enforcers lost interest in him is another thing to be investigated, report sources of Rosbalt within security services. By the way, it was the reason why employees of Russia’s Bureau for Internal Affairs of the Bureau for Internal Affairs took part in his detention.

With that, according to Rosbalt, during the operation, the special agents and employees of the Main Administration of Criminal Search encountered opposition by Shishkanov’s entourage comprised of his most staunch friends and close relatives. With that, a head of a security team of the ‘thief’ is his brother in law Aleksander.

Now, Shishkanov is arrested by Moscow’s Basmanny court on suspicion of commission of a crime under article 210.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Leadership in criminal hierarchy). However, a source of Rosbalt believes that subsequently, he is expected to be accused of abduction of the deputy Tatiana Sidorova. During detention of the ‘thief’ in 2015, operatives had information about circumstances of disappearance of the woman and 3 members of her family in 2012. Eyewitnesses reported that the day before the family disappeared, Shishkanov’s ‘right hand man’ Egor was spotted in Sidorova’s office. His other assistants were seen near the deputy’s cottage at night. The investigation theory is that the deceased had conflict with Shishkanov after many years of conducting of business with him.

A person from Shishkanov’s entourage denied all accusations in 2015. He says he knows people who talked to Sidorova, after she had disappeared. They state she and members of her family are completely okay. It’s just she doesn’t want to answer questions related to use of billion credits that had been received by a stud farm she headed. That’s why she ‘disappeared’.



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