Lavasogly Batumsky’s protégé Finsky detained in Odessa 

Lavasogly Batumsky’s protégé Finsky detained in Odessa
Lavasogly Batumsky, 12/30/2015. Moldova

The thief in law himself is in custody in Tbilisi.

Another criminal lord has been detained in Ukraine. As the agency executive in the Odessa region Dmitry Golovin wrote on Facebook, yesterday police collared a criminal nicknamed Finsky (Finnish) in Odessa. The detainee's first and last name have not been reported, but he is known to have belonged to the gang of the thief in law Mindiya Goradze, in the underworld known as Lavasogly Batumsky, and had been wanted.

Dmitry Golovin also stated that Odessa Criminal Investigation Department and Portofrankovsky police department had joined their forces to detain Finsky. At present, the court is considering the verdict.



We should remind that Finsky’s boss, thief in law Mindiya Goradze, was detained in Moldova in late December 2016. The operation was carried out by the border police of Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs that detained him at the International Airport of Chisinau. According to the Moldovan media, the thief in law had intended to leave the country with false documents, but did not succeed in doing so. Goradze was detained for 72 hours, and later the court decided that he should be deported from the country with a five-year entry ban. As soon as he arrived in Georgia, Goradze was detained again, and this time for belonging to the criminal environment.

Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs told the CrimeRussia that reports claiming he had become a recognized thief in law in the criminal world in 2013 and was managing a group of thieves was the reason for his arrest. Goradze would force people to do things they did not want to do by threats, blackmail and fights, stated Georgian MIA. Currently, cases under part 1 and part 2 of Art. 223 and item (a), part 2 of Art. 25-181 of the Criminal Code of Georgia are being investigated against Lavasogly Batumsky. Since his detention, the criminal has been held in a Tbilisi jail.

Video: Lavasogly Batumsky deported from Moldova, detained in Tbilisi



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